Man proudly displays his giant ball for all the public to see.

From the people-who-have-way-too-much-free-time-on-their-hands department comes the amazing (*ahem*) story of a man and his dream of creating the World’s Largest Ball of Paint.

Imagine an ordinary baseball…Now imagine that same baseball with over 18,135 coats of paint on it.  Getting the picture? Good, because that’s exactly what my wife, Glenda and I have done for the past 27 years. Now that ordinary baseball that once weighed less than one pound now weighs in right around 1,300 pounds!

That’s right, recently weighing in around 1,300 pounds with a circumference of 112” inches and still growing to this very day. This ball is truly remarkable with over 18,135 coats of paint on it!

What’s truly remarkable is how anytime I start to think I’m getting too close to the “loony fringe” in terms of my interests all I have to do is hop on the Internet and do a little searching and I can find people who make me seem almost completely normal. Mike sure is proud of his ball, though, so the next time you’re in Alexandria, Indiana you should make a point of stopping by and asking him to haul his ball out so you can get a good look at it.

11 thoughts on “Man proudly displays his giant ball for all the public to see.

  1. Wow, can you imagine how long it must have taken to paint the ball that big? – I’d guess 27 years!

    These two are likely loony now from constantly breathing paint fumes, and I think they’ve got balls (well, ball) for committing themselves to something with absolutely no constructive value for nearly half their probable lives.

  2. If the paint is all different colors, it would be cool to saw the ball in half, polish the halves, and put some clear-coat on them for display.

    Time for the happy couple to start on their next hobby, like building a model of the Titanic out of belly-button lint. 

    Captcha: probably

  3. Woo-hoo.  Group maquillage.  I have to admit the ball is pretty amazing but how in the hell do you sit around your house and decide to start painting a ball? 18 thousand times?  I can see the look on the neighbor’s faces…“Wanna come over and help paint my ball?”  Uh, yeah sure, just need to make a quick phone call

    captcha = ‘big’

  4. Damn!  My dad’s lived in the same town with what has become the world’s biggest ball of paint for my entire life (28.2164 years) and never once told me about it–much less took me to visit it?  I thought he knew all the looneys in Anderson and Alexandria.

  5. I would make fun of this guy, but I happen to have a rubber band ball that’s way bigger than I’d care to admit. You’d think that he would paint it a nicer color for a photo shot though.

    word = red

    now that’s scary.

  6. This just hit me. That’s a lot of money in paint. What does the average gallon of cheap paint cost, $10.00? About how much do you think that same gallon of paint would weigh completely dry? This thing weighs in at 1300 pounds. He could have sent a kid to college!

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