Make your own paper arcade.

If you’re an old school gamer like myself you probably long for the misspent days of your youth where you passed hour after hour in a dimly lit arcade feeding quarters into cabinets while guiding various electronic images around a screen when you could have been outdoors getting fresh air and exercise. Now you can regain that feeling in miniature with your very own hand made Paper Arcade. All you need is a decent color printer, some scissors, glue, and a little manual dexterity and you can build paper replicas of your favorite arcade games of old. Perhaps your wife has a doll house that could really benefit from a couple of arcade game units in the family room or maybe you’d like to create your own video game themed shadow box to proudly display on the wall. Whatever the reason you’ll find patterns for Defender, Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Gravitar, Robotron, and Tempest ready for you to download, print out, and assemble. Just imagine the proud look on your wife’s face when you present her with the fruits of your labors.

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