Mac makes a move.

Mac of Go Fish fame has moved to a new home and can now be found at pesky’apostrophe.  She mentioned this plan back on the 15th and the actual last post on Go Fish happened on the 17th which means that it’s been a good four days and I’m just now mentioning it. I blame this on the fact that Mac must sit at her PC with an IV drip of expresso and a year’s supply of depends or something because she puts out content at a rate this is truly astonshing so I’ve gotten into the habit of only reading her site once a week when I have lots of spare time to paw through all the entries. I don’t even try commenting on her site because I’m usually a week behind everyone else in reading stuff. With as busy as I was last week I never made it by her site at all. I did get an email from her announcing the changes in the RSS feeds for her site, but didn’t put two and two together until today.

Anyway, she’s good reading and I recommend everyone go to her new home and get to know her if you haven’t already. And update your RSS subscriptions if you had her old site in your reader.

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