It’s amazing the damage one drunk driver can cause.

Just check out the trail of carnage at this website for an example. Luckily no one was hurt in this event. Well, not entirely true, the driver supposedly had a dog in the passenger seat that no one seems to be able to locate.

4 thoughts on “It’s amazing the damage one drunk driver can cause.

  1. All I can say is WOW, and that is woefully inadequate. This guy will never have insurance again, if he even had it in the first place. That’s like at least 10 lifetimes worth of wrecks all in one life.


  2. Gah. Yet another reason to NOT park on the street.

    I’ve heard the phrase “when you’ve got to screw up, screw up big”…but this is ridiculous.

  3. Daaaaaaamn.  From the looks of the those pictures I thought this guy was driving a tank.  Maybe GMC can squeeze this into their next ad campaign in Texas.

    [Quote]Beginning this summer, GMC will launch its largest Hispanic targeted print campaign to date featuring seven ads that will run in major Hispanic lifestyle, automotive and business publications. The ads will feature Hispanic dedicated photos and unique stories while communicating the practical benefits consumers can receive as a result of GMC engineering excellence.[/Quote]

    They may need to revise the TV ad a bit…

    [Quote]The number of markets where GMC uses Spanish language media has more than doubled in only two years. Its current “Hago lo que hago porque puedo” (“I do what I do because I can”) television advertisements as well as television and radio creative dedicated to the 24 Hour Test Drive have been successful and will continue running this summer.[/Quote]

    This guy apparently took it to far.

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