IGN.com decides to buy out Rotten Tomatoes so they can ruin it with their annoying advertising.

Dammit! Looks like I’ll have to scratch another website off my list of favorites. I use Rotten Tomatoes a lot to get a consensus on whether a particular movie is worth seeing and it’s already pretty heavy on the advertising, but nothing too annoying such as full-page inserts or flash popups. Now word comes that the folks at IGN.com—which I’ve bitched about before for their annoying ads—have entered into an agreement to purchase Rotten Tomatoes to add to their growing network of advertising websites that occasionally offer something in the way of content to read between all the commericals.

IGN Entertainment to Acquire Rotten Tomatoes, One of the Internet’s Leading Independent Movie Sites

“Rotten Tomatoes will add tremendous depth and complementary value to IGN’s existing portfolio of movie and DVD coverage on IGN’s FilmForce. Hardcore movie buffs and casual fans alike will be able to get the information they want on virtually any movie or DVD,” said Mark Jung, CEO of IGN Entertainment. “By adding the Rotten Tomatoes audience to the movie and DVD buyers we already reach, we’ll be able to offer even more value to our entertainment, games and general consumer advertisers.”

First Comcast buys TechTV, now IGN.com buys Rotten Tomatoes. Which asshat company is going to ruin my next favorite thing?

6 thoughts on “IGN.com decides to buy out Rotten Tomatoes so they can ruin it with their annoying advertising.

  1. That blows. I use RT a lot when determining what movies I want to rent. Flashing header ads are annoying enough, but pop-ups and other ads taking over the page will completely ruin it for me.

  2. I agree the video ads f*ckin suck. it definitely ruins the websites experience… imdb i guess from now on… tho i used to use them both

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