If you’re an atheist then you may want to avoid Iraq.

Apparently the newly sworn in Iraqi government feels atheists are part of the problem with security and crime in Iraq:

New Iraq administration sworn in – UPI Newstrack

Allawi vowed to strike with an iron fist at “the atheists and criminals who are targeting the people of Iraq and who are being supported by the remnants of Saddam’s regime and his sons Uday and Qusay who went to hell.”

“With the support of our Iraqi people, we will be on the watch to give those criminals the just punishment they deserve,” he added.

As if being an American in Iraq isn’t enough to paint a big bull’s-eye on your back, if you’re an atheist American in Iraq you’re totally screwed as you’ll have both the government and the terrorists out to get you.

4 thoughts on “If you’re an atheist then you may want to avoid Iraq.

  1. Man, and just to think we atheists had it bad here in America with all it’s religious groups wanting to obliberate us all under the name of god. I know I won’t be travelling to Iraq anytime soon in the near future.

  2. That doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. I’ve been saying for months that Iraq is going to slide into crazy fundie Islam as soon as they get control of the country back. About the one good thing I can say about Hussein is that at least under his rule Iraq was a secular nation. (Please note I am NOT saying he should have remained in power.)

  3. Looks like they are doing a pretty good job emulating American democracy.

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