I found this at the 11th hour but have to share it…

I am not generally someone who goes looking for MP3s to download although I must admit to maybe pulling down a dozen songs or so with Kazaa, so having found a large cache of FREE mp3s I feel the need to share. Don’t ask me why but I decided to compose a letter this weekend using mostly conservative news sources to convince conservatives that Bush is NOT in their best interests so oddly enough I finally end up on the Christian Science Monitor site. I know, most of you are rubbing your eyes and wondering just what kind of Clay Jars, Petra, or Stryper I’m trying to pawn off on you but I swear it’s not like that at all.

They had a story about protest songs making a comeback and in the story there was a link to PunkVoter.com which, for an aging punk, intrigued me. I went to the site and nosed around a bit and am planning to put an order in for the Rock Against Bush Volumes I & II in the next few days, but in the course of looking around found a treasure trove of free MP3s of songs from the bands they promote. Kind of a Whitman’s sampler of good harsh old school punk!

If you want to see what they have please make sure to check out their ENTIRE site because it is worthwhile to anyone hoping to sink the Bush Admin in November. The link to the songs (if you don’t find it when checking their links) is www.fatwreck.com

Right now I am listening to NOFX – Idiots are Taking Over. Here’s a quick sample:

…Someone’s flopped a steamer in the gene pool,
now angry mob mentality is no longer the exception – it’s the rule.
And I’m starting to feel a lot like Charleton Heston,
stranded on a primate planet,
apes and orangutans that ran into the ground the generals and armies that obeyed them.
Followers following fables, Philosophies that enabled them to rule without a guard

There’s no point to Democracy when ignorance is celebrated…

I may not have ALL the wording right but I did mention I am an AGING punk with ears to match. Now imagine the lyrics coming at you with an angry driving beat that you remember from the days when you paid $5.00 bucks for five bands and listened to them all night in a building that surprisingly was not condemned.

Or how about The Irrationality of Rationality?:

…Dan, a company man felt loyalty to the core,
after sixteen years of service and a family to support.
He actually started to believe
the weaponry and chemicals were for national defense
cause Danny had a mortgage and a boss to answer to.
The guilty don’t feel guilty, they learn not to.

Helen is living in her car trying to feed her kids…

Tonight I almost feel young again. Some of me jiggles more when I head bang and my knees are reminding me that my mosh-pit days are long behind me, but damned if I don’t miss those days. I made shit for a paycheck, but as angry as I tried to be I still hadn’t lost my innocence. Hearing these songs gives me hope that some future generation might be able to fix things using their youthful exuberance and relative inexperience, just so long as they keep the faith.

Anyhow, I know it’s late now that I am waxing nostalgic. Goodnight folks, enjoy the tunes and remember – ANYBODY BUT BUSH in 2004!!!.

4 thoughts on “I found this at the 11th hour but have to share it…

  1. I know I am double posting but I still haven’t gotten to bed yet and it occurred to me – oi boys. Who else would embrace Bush’s policies except for the jack booted skin heads who can’t quite commit to full blown fascism? AT last the world makes sense again wink

    How odd my submission word was ‘southern’…

  2. Right submission word, Eric – wrong thread!

    Thanks for the music scoop and thanks to you, maryh, for grounding me. I was being unrealistic thinking an entire culture could be against Bush, even though it is an aging, and therefore a possibly more discerning, one.

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