Generic names for soft drinks in the USA, by county.

You can find out about almost anything on the Internet. Sometimes what you find out will be true and useful. Other times it’ll be untrue and worthless. And sometimes it’ll be hard to determine if it’s true, but interesting regardless. This next item falls into that camp. It’s a map of the U.S. showing what the generic term for soft drinks is in each county. Based on what I’ve managed to pick up in my travels I’d guess it’s probably fairly accurate. Or at least as accurate as you can be with sample of around 120,464 respondants. If nothing else, it’s hand to pull out the next time some new arrival from the south insists on calling “pop” something weird like “soda.”

Via Neil Gaiman’s Journal.

2 thoughts on “Generic names for soft drinks in the USA, by county.

  1. Very neat, that is.  btw – is it just that I’ve missed your updates or are you not pinging blogroll anymore?  I’ve missed about… hmmm… eight days of posts?  YOW!

  2. I’ve got in my list of sites to ping and I’ve not gotten any errors during it so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be showing up. I don’t know if the switch from one blogging platform to another would make a difference as the URL is the same.

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