Gamedeck: The ultimate desk for video gamers.

Someday, once I’ve finally hit the lottery or sat down and written my best selling novel about stupid people or whatever it is I’ll end up doing that makes me filthy rich, I’m going to buy me a Gamedeck for the ultimate in video gaming bliss.

The folks over at Primotechnology did a write-up on the Gamedeck that illustrates why it should make any gamer worth his joystick drool in envy:

At first glance, the final product might seem like some sort of time machine, torture device, or piece that belongs in the Museum of Modern Art. In Vlad’s words, the GameDeck is a Swiss Army knife approach to multiple gaming peripherals, including steering wheels, joysticks, and the familiar mouse/keyboard combo. It’s a combination of an ergonomic chair with a minimal, fixed desk, mount for an LCD monitor, and swinging arms for peripherals.

Picture this: You’re playing an intense match of Halo or perhaps Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto or Far Cry or the upcoming Half-Life 2, or however many other action games incorporate vehicles. For the full experience, you’ll want to use your mouse and keyboard for the action segments, and then switch to a racing wheel once you, say, climb into a Warthog or Cheetah, or whip out the joystick and throttle once onboard a Chinook. So instead of littering your floor with all these peripherals and then having to take that precious moment to search for them, simply push in your keyboard tray, and pull down the conveniently located racing wheel in the center or the joystick attached to one of the side arms. The whole process takes maybe two seconds and eliminates needless clutter.

On top of all that it just looks cool. Well, it does to me anyway. The reason I say I need to become rich first is because a fully outfitted Navis model will set you back some $5,800+ depending on options. That’s the problem with all the really cool gadgets is that they all cost an arm and a leg, but I suppose that’s the price you pay to be uber-cool. Suppose I should try thinking up something to write a novel about some time soon…

2 thoughts on “Gamedeck: The ultimate desk for video gamers.

  1. They have a new version! Price not yet determined, I would guess close to 5 figures. How do hardcore gamers afford these luxuries? You can’t be an obsessive gamer and hold down a high paying job can you? wink

  2. with out ever looking at another game chair,i’ve always had an “urge” i guess to build one.
    my first was a lincon continental chair that sat on
    a swivel(wold break every weak)and railings.
    my present is your typical $179.00 leather office chair with all parts under seat removed and mounted on a flipped over stereo cabnit.cheapy $100.00 surround with sub woofer under and rears at top of chair(pointed at ears not forward).
    saitek X45 ,both stick and throttle are mounted to plywood that extend at about 30 degrees from bottom of chair and a piece of plywood that swivels from the left armrest to sit attop the right armrest for keyboard and mouse.

    THEN today i saw yours
    only one thing comes to mind

    and if the old lady doesnt like it she can go bye bye

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