Fucking villagers decide to keep their Fucking name.

Seems life has been rough for the good folks of the Austrian village of ‘Fucking’ what with all the thefts of signs bearing the small hamlet’s name. So the folks got together and held a vote to see if they should change the name of the village to something a little less colorful to those of us who speak English. Needless to say, this is the sort of news item that is just ripe for funny quotes.

Fucking villagers vote against name change

Spokesman Siegfried Hoeppl, said: “Everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us Fucking is Fucking – and it’s going to stay Fucking – even though the signs keep getting stolen.”

He said the name came from Mr. Fuck and his family who settled in the area 100 years ago, and added “ing”, meaning village or settlement.

The villagers didn’t find out about the English meaning of the word until Allied soldiers stationed in the region in 1945 pointed out the alternative meaning.

Local newspaper editor Menhardt Buzasa said there had been an increase in the number of signs being stolen, and said British tourists were usually blamed.

“I do not agree it is just the British. Fucking is universal. Germans use it as much now as the British, and it also means the same to the Americans, Australians and anyone in the English speaking world,” he said.

Priceless, ain’t it? For the record the actual pronunciation of the town’s name is “fooking,” but that takes all the fun out of it. Seems other Austrian towns have had similar issues with the names of their locales as well:

Similar votes on a name change have taken place recently in neighbouring Austrian towns Wank am see and Petting, as well as in Vomitville and Windpassing.

And, yes, I did check and the folks at Snopes confirm this is real.

16 thoughts on “Fucking villagers decide to keep their Fucking name.

  1. “fooking” isn’t how the Canadians pronounce it, we say “fuh-king” as well, some Brits and the Scottish do pronounce it “fooking” though.

  2. After visiting Fucking, Austria, my itinerary will also include, Pussy, France and a Clit, Romania.

    Has anyone compiled a full list of these towns? Maybe the guy with the paint ball?

  3. Oscar, don’t forget Climax, Michigan.

    I was driving along I-94 one day when I saw a sign that said “CLIMAX 1 MILE” and I thought to myself, “At these speeds, that’s not enough time!”

    Of course Michigan is also home to “Big Beaver Road” which you can get onto by taking “Exit 69” off of I-75. And people wonder why I love this state.

    Submission word = “show”

  4. What makes the photo even nicer is that the sign below it says, “Please—not so fast!”  Those Austrians sure know what’s important in life … wink

    (captcha: pool)

  5. For those that understand German, I highly recommend “Die Wegbeschreibung” (directions) from Badesalz on their VODOOBABBEL CD. It’s full of pseudo-Bavarian names like “…hinter Tittingen kommens nach Fistficking…”

  6. smile That explains why my daughter brought this word home from WMU, she was studying Austrian cultures!


    my word miss

  7. There’s also funny named cities in Canada for people who don’t want to travel too far.  Some of these include:
    1) Dildo, Newfoundland
    2) Bastard, Ontario
    3) Big Beaver, Saskatchewan
    4) Sackville, New Brunswick
    5) Fairy Glen, Saskatchewan

    For those who want to stay even closer to home (well Americans who want to stay closer to home), there’s:

    1) Spred Eagle, Wisconsin
    2) Humptulips, Washington
    3) Oral, South Dakota
    4) Blowtown, Pennsylvania
    5) Gaylord, Michigan

  8. Manzabar, I’ve already been to Hell (Michigan) and back. It’s a shorter trip then you might think. wink

    Stinkass, I’ve been to Gaylord a few times as well. Though now that you mention it I guess I’m going to have to move to Ontario.

  9. For best ‘place name’, ‘region name’ combo my British friends went to all new lows with:

    Brown Willy (Cornwall,UK)

    Other favorites:

    Chinaman’s Knob (Australia)
    Dong Rack (Thailand-Cambodia border)
    Fuku (Shensi, China)
    Intercourse (Pennsylvania, USA)
    Lickey End (West Midlands, UK)
    Little Dix Village (West Indies)
    Pis Pis River (Nicaragua)
    Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)

    Since this is geography SEB can still qualify for that ‘family friendly’ rating.

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  10. Les, I’d been thinking about going to Hell for a day but my previous supervisor at work beat me to it.  When he came back; he said that surprisingly there wasn’t really anything to do once you’re in Hell.

    So, I’m thinking I might swing by the place if I ever happen to be driving by; but otherwise, I’ll just leave Hell well enough alone.  smile

    captcha: seven
    As in the 7 deadly sins?

  11. I was in Denmark a few years back and I had to laugh every time I drove thru Middelfart!

    All the elevators in Denmark have a light that says “I fahrt”. I think it means “in motion”. They have some funky elevators over there! One had no doors and was in constant motion “farhting?” – you had to jump on and jump off at just the right time. Pretty freaky! Needless to say, we told a lot of fart jokes over there.

  12. There really is a place called Bad Egg in Switzerland (along the Greifensee).  I used to live right next to the little village of Egg.

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