Firefox 0.9 is out.

Just a quick note for those of you who are fans of the FireFox browser you’ll be happy to learn that the 0.9 release is now available for your downloading pleasure. About the only thing I still use Internet Explorer for at this point is for loading patches from Windows Update.

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  1. There are still just a few too many bugs in it for my tastes. I tried installing a couple of new themes and it seemed to lose track of where they were.

    Generally thought, it’s pretty clean. I really wish they would put that little buttin the with the tabs that let you create a new tab with the mouse. I miss that from using Mozilla.

  2. I just updated from 0.8 to 0.9 but had some problems which took a little finangling to straighten out!

    One of the main things to watch out for is the fact that your “profile” folder has been renamed. It used to be in the APPDATA folder under “Phoenix”, it is now in “Mozilla/Firefox”. If you lose your bookmarks, cookies, or other settings you may want to move these over manually.

    Check the official support site for this helpful info about updating.

    Even after screwing around with all of the above I still couldn’t get Themes working correctly. Every time I tried installing a new theme by dragging a .jar file into the Theme Manager I would see the new theme for a second then it would disappear. I think it said “waiting” but then it was gone and, of course, I couldn’t select the new theme.
    Finally I tried totally uninstalling Firefox, deleting the “Program Files/Mozilla” folder, renamed the profile folders “Mozilla” and “Phoenix” in the %APPDATA% folder. Then searched thru the registry with RegEdit and deleted all references to Firefox. After a reinstall of Firefox 0.9 and copying over my bookmarks.html and cookies.txt files I can now use the Theme Manager correctly. Whew!

    I didn’t mind the effort – this is my favorite browser by far!

    PS. Ashcroft doesn’t crash anymore! cool grin

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably switch over to it once it passes the 1.0 stage.

    As it is, everytime Mozilla updates, I have to re-install all the little helper apps I have installed previously. Sometimes I forget what I had installed, but eh, it’s still better than IE. smile

  4. Yes!! Finally 0.9 surprised, It has been my primary browser since 0.7 and akin to Les Windows Update is the only site I view in IE [unless of course there is not another way

    cool smirk
    This post brought to you by the word: help

  5. Hey, i love (love) Firefox.  And, bugs?  I havn’t found any (that i remember); but, i’m not using a non-default theme at the moment.

    One problem…
    0.8 had a feature that allowed bookmarks to be opened in a new tab (a feature i LOVE(d)).  Unfortunately, this feature seems to be gone in 0.9, unless you right click and then select “Open in New Tab”, which is less-than-useful to me.

    Am i missing something?  Or, did this feature go away with 0.9 ????

  6. Ok – here’s some more bug info.shut eye

    Last night Firefox crashed on me and I couldn’t get it to work at all by restarting or rebooting. So I ended up completely uninstalling again, rebooting, then reinstalling. This worked for a while.

    This morning I got the same crash again – rats! confused

    This time I paid more attention to the error message which mentioned the problem was with MSVCRT.DLL. This is a Microsoft RunTime DLL. Apps written with Visual Studio often require this DLL. I checked the version of my DLL and I definitely have the latest in my Windows/System32.
    Then I did a search of my PC for this DLL and found about 20 other versions of this DLL! Firefox must be loading one of those inadvertently.

    I fixed the bug by placing the latest MSVCRT.DLL in the same directory as Firefox.exe. rolleyes

  7. Windows uses a specific procedure to locate a DLL it needs to load. The current directory, then C:\Windows then C:\Windows\System32.

    Windows will not locate a DLL in another application’s directory.

    It’s possible that some application installed the DLL in the C:\Windows directory instead of it’s own directory. This would cause FireFox to mess up if the DLL doesn’t have the methods it needs.

    What you did will make sure FireFox loads the DLL in it’s folder instead of the one in the Windows folders.

    BTW, don’t modifiy the other copies of the DLL. If there is an older version out there, it’s possible an application that uses it needs that version.

  8. Actually this DLL loading shtuff can get a little trickier than that Dave.
    I’ve been writing Windows apps since version 2.0 sick and I can tell ya this crap can be a bit of a pain in the hind-quarters sometimes.

    Here’s a list I keep handy (needs to be updated)…

    1.) For 32-bit apps, Windows NT searches for implicitly loaded DLLs at:

    a. The .exe file directory.
    b. The current directory.
    c. The %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.
    d. The %SystemRoot% directory.
    e. The directories in your Path.

    * BUT if a DLL is listed as a KnownDLLs at this hive key/folder location:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
    With a type of REG_SZ entry & Value Name of the DLL without the extension and a data value of the DLL with the .DLL extension, then the search order then becomes:

    aa. The %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.
    bb. The .exe file directory.
    cc. The current directory.
    dd. The %SystemRoot% directory.
    ee. The directories in your Path.

    ** KnownDLLs are mapped at boot time. Rernaming or moving during a session has no effect.
    You can alter this behavior by including the 8.3 DLL name in the ExcludeFromKnownDlls entry, a REG_MULTI_SZ value, & one per line in that comma delimited listing.

    (This makes NT believe that the DLL is not listed in KnownDLLs.)


    2.) For 16-bit apps, Windows NT uses KnownDLLs for both implicitly and explicitly load DLLs. The value is at:


    Here in that key, KnownDLLs is a REG_SZ value that lists 8.3 DOS formatted DLL names, & is separated by spaces.

    Without a KnownDLLs entry, WOW searches:

    a. The current directory.
    b. The %SystemRoot% directory.
    c. The %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM directory.
    d. The %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.
    e. The .exe file directory.
    f. The directories in your Path.

    With a KnownDLLs entry, WOW only searches for them in the %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.


    3.) Windows 2000 Service Pack #3 (at least, & thus probably XP also) has instituted the SafeDllSearchMode Value Name, a REG_DWORD data type, at this hive key


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager.

    A value of 0 keeps the current search order, & a value of 1 makes Win2k & programs search for DLL’s & programs in this order:

    a. Their own folder first
    b. %SystemRoot%\System32
    c. %SystemRoot%
    e. The current directory
    f. The folders in your %PATH% environment variable.

    Of course my personal %path% may complicate matters a bit and I’ve been tweaking SafeDllSearchMode. My installation of Visual Studio may be having some affect too.

    Personally I like to link my code statically. My apps may be larger but at least I have none of these DLL headaches.
    Oh well – call me a masochist! cool grin

  9. Yes, I know I was being simplistic when I said where Windows looks for DLL’s. I haven’t worked in C/C++ for Windows in quite a few years now.

    However, copying the DLL to FireFox’s directory will solve his problem. Also making sure not to change the DLL’s in other directories is also true.

    That’s a really good crib note for DLL finding. I’ll have to keep that around for later use. smile

    Thanks for posting it.

  10. I am seeing the same problem with 0.9 that I saw with 0.8—the problem is with the extension Scribe 0.2.

    I can do a File>Save Entry and create the html file as advertised.

    I can edit the file with OpenOffice

    I cannot do a File>Open Entry within Firefox. Instead I get a Parser Error Alert. (The menu is enabled.) I sent an email to Scribe’s developer and posted this problem on the Firefox support site. I received no responses.

    Can anyone here tell me what I might be doing wrong?

  11. I have no friggin’ idea. I don’t think I’ve ever messed with that extension. I’d tend to think the problem would lie in the extension rather than FireFox, though.

  12. Dave

    “There are still just a few too many bugs in it for my tastes. I tried installing a couple of new themes and it seemed to lose track of where they were.

    Generally thought, it’s pretty clean. I really wish they would put that little buttin the with the tabs that let you create a new tab with the mouse. I miss that from using Mozilla. “

    Customise the toolbar and add the “New Tab” to it… i placed it to the left of the url

  13. Ya ya, another comment…

    I’ve been using FireFox 0.8 (Since 0.9 seems to have some problems…) and I must say, I am really beginning to like it more than Mozilla. I like the Search box they have. I really like that you can add other search sites to it like IMDB, Amazon, and for example.

    Some of the extensions are pretty useful too.

    Plus a smaller memory footprint, although percentage wise it’s not much, but hey, every byte counts sometimes.

    It will be interesting to see the full 1.0 release of the browser.

  14. Hey man.  I was just Googling for that “parser error” with reference to the Scribe (v0.2) extension in FireFox v0.9.x

    By default, FireFox was saving entries from Scribe as .html.  Once I forced it to save as .xml, the parser error went away.

    I’m not sure if this will help with your parser error message, but it worked for me.

    I’m running W2K w/ FireFox v0.9.2.   

    Hope that helps.

  15. paul, thanks for running that down. I thought scribe was what Les was talking about when when he described spell checking from within Firefox.

    Even with the parser error resolved, Scribe is really a primitive solution—save external file, edit external file in OpenOffice (or equiv.), reload external file. SpellBound is a much more professional solution. Les provides a URL in this thread


  16. Btw, Scribe has no spell-check features.  It simply saves form data for my purposes.

    If I want to check the spelling, I use SpellBound.  But SpellBound won’t save forms.  You need them both.

    I need to work before they fire me.  Later.

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