Dumbass sets own pants on fire to see what would happen if he set his own pants on fire.

For any of you kids who are wondering if your pants will catch fire after they’ve been sprayed with a flammable chemical used in furniture manufacturing if you apply a lighter to them, the answer is “yes.“And you will get burned, and possibly burn down the building to boot. If you’re an employee of said funiture manufacturing company you will probably piss your boss off as well.

Man sets his pants and workplace afire – The Union

No one was seriously hurt in the blaze, which was reported at 11:26 p.m. at Furniture by Thurston, 12250 Charles Drive. The employee suffered minor burns to his legs and was taken to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. He was released the same day.

“He put a lighter to his pants to see if they would ignite, an EMT told me,” said Dan Slayton, a Furniture by Thurston business manager. “It just baffles me.”

Slayton did not release the name of the employee but described him as a college student in his early 20s.

At the time of the fire, the employee was standing inside a finishing booth where furniture is sprayed with a flammable chemical, Slayton and fire officials said.

While I’ll give this anonymous idiot credit for exploring his scientific curiosity, I might suggest he think more carefully about the nature of his experiments in the future and perhaps consider a few precautions. Not so much because I care if he gets injured, but if he’s going to insist on setting himself ablaze the least he can do is be considerate to his employers and do it outside where he’s likely to only damage himself.

4 thoughts on “Dumbass sets own pants on fire to see what would happen if he set his own pants on fire.

  1. So he set his pants on fire. Did he retain the ability to breed? If so, that’s further proof that there is no god.

    …and is it just me, or is this “Slow Children At Play Week”?

  2. A friend of mine describes the job of a teenager’s parent thusly:  “Keep the body safe until the brain re-engages.”

    Sometimes I guess you have to keep someone under guard even after the teenage years are over …

    (captcha:  own)

  3. I’m going to keep a link to this handy for the next time someone tells me how smart they are because they went to college.

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