“Digital Praise” aims to provide Christian video games to the masses.

A sure sign that the video game market is reaching monumental proportions is the arrival of a development studio for Christian themed games.

Christian game studio founded – News at GameSpot

President and CEO Tom Bean has assembled a team of veterans from the education sector of the industry. Their collective resume includes such elementary school classics as Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit, and Oregon Trail. Digital Praise has already acquired the license and started development on two games based on the Adventures in Odyssey radio theater series.

The company is also optimistic about the market for Christian games, citing the large overall growth in the games industry as evidence that there is plenty of room for their products.

Digital Praise is founded on the principle that fun, exciting computer games don’t need to be flooded with violence, sex, hate or images of horror,” said Bean.

Honestly, this isn’t a bad idea and I wish the founders luck. If they take the right approach it could even prove to be a success, though past ventures of this sort—and I can remember more than a few in my time—never managed to catch on quite the way their founders had hoped. Part of the problem with past efforts was that they were too preachy or sacrificed fun for the message they were trying to get across.

Contrary to the popular opinion that the reason the Grand Theft Auto series sells as well as it does is because it’s violent and allows you to pick up prostitutes and then beat them to death, the truth is it sells well because it’s fun. Tetris was also fun despite being about nothing more than arranging falling blocks of various colors and it’s still one of the best selling games of all time as a result. By comparison, the First Person Shooters Postal and Postal 2 were largely violence and hate without anything in the way of compelling game play and their sales figures show the problem with that approach. Most of the sales the game did receive were largely due to the controversy they stirred up.

So, yeah, there’s definitely room in the market for games that don’t have tons of bloodshed or sex and which convey a positive message, but if you’re not focused on the fun then whether it’s wholesome or not will make little difference in it’s success.

7 thoughts on ““Digital Praise” aims to provide Christian video games to the masses.

  1. Whenever I see that slam about GTA I get pissed off. I never thought of doing the prostitute and then killing her to get my money back until it was mentioned by the goodie-goodies that poo-poo this game. It’s just not what this game is about, you can do just about anything – only sick fucks think this way. It’s probably the most inefficient way to make money in the game too.

    I think the reason I like GTA most is its level of immersion and the fact that it’s the closest thing to a virtual reality that I know of. Call me a cypberpunk but I’ve had great fun just sitting in a car and listening to the talk radio station or just walking down the street and listening to the people that walk by while I look at the buildings or landscape. I find it quite easy to visualize actually being inside this world. It is so open-ended and non-linear that I never get bored with it.

    PS. No, I don’t work at Rockstar! cool grin

  2. Yeah, I get pissed when GTA gets bashed, too.  In fact I get so pissed, that I go out onto the street, jack a taxi, and pop off uzi rounds at innocent bystanders before I pick up a hooker to heat things up.

    You know what was a kickass puzzle game with no violence?  Intelligent Qube.  It was on PlayStation for a while back in the late 90’s, and it was one of the most addictive puzzle games I’ve ever seen, with no plot whatsoever.  And that’s why it was so great!

    Everybody seems to think that video games are taken seriously simply because they’re interactive, when really it just has to do with how stupid or isolated the person is who’s playing it.  That also goes for books, movies, television, and every other form of mass media that we subject ourselves to every day.  If we just limit ourselves to media exposure, we’re going to be a product of it.

    Like the Bible, for instance!

  3. I agree that there is a developing market out there for ‘Digital Praise’, and the likes, to exploit.  The big hurdle they will have to overcome though will be the exact market that they are attempting to reach.

    Churches and religious groups won’t give their nod of approval unless there is a message put forth.  Even if there is no violence and the overall message is ‘good’, religious groups are notorious for in-fighting to get their message out.  In the end, overall gameplay suffers in order to comply to doctrinal demands and no kid wants to play it.

    I can see some old biddy somewhere complaining to her pastor that she saw her grandson playing ‘Apostles 2005’ and there was a scene where the young soul went into a movie theater.  Of course we can’t have this because it corrupts our youth by violating church doctrine.  Or, if you wiggle the players too fast they might look as if they’re dancing!  Oh, no!

  4. I think that is a very good idea but since visiting the digital praise website, I see that their target demographic is too young to really make a proverbial “killing” in the industry or to make a nitch market into a staple of every day existence.

    I think the target age should be much higher because there is a huge untapped market of Christians who regularly feel like they are compromising their beliefs by playing games filled with every idol from Grinth to Guthix. They don’t like that and they every right to spend their money as they choose to.

    I’d say there’s about 20 million households waiting to be entered by a good, action packed Christian MMOG… which doesn’t exist yet.

  5. good, action packed Christian MMOG

    Visit Jerusalem, kill as many fig trees as you can, while encouraging canabalism and vampirism.  Get nailed to a tree and it’s GAME OVER.

  6. I could be a game where you go door to door and try to convert people. They could have things like the EVIL ATHEIST that try to convert you, and if that happens your faith meter would drop. If your faith meter drops to zero you get over it and get a life.

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