David Raynes is vying to become the King of MovableType plugins.

If there’s anything that might tempt me into switching back to MovableType sometime in the future it would have to be all the nifty plugins that David Raynes is pumping out. The man has gone nuts since the release of 3.0D and currently has some 19 different plugins either released or in development many of which address long-standing feature requests.

For example, he has already released an amazing update to his Sub-Categories plugin which not only makes sub-categories possible in MT, but includes such goodies as automatic creation of category hierarchies for simple one-step creation of a category and any number of sub-categories by typing in something like Alpha :: Beta :: Gamma.

Then there’s the ExtendedComments plugin. This is actually a replacement for the standard mt-comments.cgi script which will offer a platform to build all manner of comment related plugins off of. David has already used it to build two plugins one of which is CommentThreads which adds threaded comments to MT.

Some other promising looking plugins he’s got in the works include MultiBlog, GNATS, Author Archives, and MacroDesigner which would be a plugin for someone else’s plugin.

If he keeps this up the folks at Six Apart should just hire him outright and turn him loose on the moldy list of requested features they’ve been collecting. I’m sure he’d have it taken care of in no time. If you’re still running under MT and plan on making the move to 3.0 you may want to drop by and check out what David is up to.

3 thoughts on “David Raynes is vying to become the King of MovableType plugins.

  1. I’ve kind of gotten used to dynamic pages now … no vast archives of .html files to worry about … it’s kind of nice smile I loved MT, but I didn’t love static pages …

  2. Well, there is an undocumented dynamic MT page renderer (look for mt-view.cgi).  I have not used it myself, but it is there.

    Personally, I like the static rendering.  I would imagine that most of the traffic to my site is read-only, so there is no need to have so many database hits if it is not being altered.

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