Couple of minor updates to SEB.

Just a quick note on a few changes I’ve made. I’ve modified the links used for going to the comments page for the individual entries so that it uses the title in the URL instead of the entry ID number. More than one person mentioned that this was much more useful for when they’re looking at the Recent Comments listing and want to see which entry the comment is attached to. I suppose I could just modify the Recent Comments listing to include the title of the entry if folks want me to, but I was trying to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

You may have noticed the return of the Most Commented Threads list on the left. OB mentioned that she missed that feature so I brought it back. Because we’re now running on a dynamic system I also went through the entries that I had closed down comments on due to length and re-opened them for comments as I’m curious to see how much abuse EE can take. The Kent Hovind thread is our biggest at 248 comments so far and it takes a few seconds for the system to build, but still no where near as long as it took under MT. Besides, it’s been awhile since we’ve had one-shot comment idiots pop in on those threads.

Couple of other things I’m looking into adding in the near future include: Click on the author name for an entry and see all of the entries by that author, finding a way to bring back the listing of most recent comments under each entry (may need to write a plug-in to handle this), making use of EE’s “related entries” functionality, and the aforementioned plans to set up a reviews sub-blog for when I’m talking about movies, games and other such stuff.

7 thoughts on “Couple of minor updates to SEB.

  1. Although I prefer seeing the entry title to the entry ID, there may be a problem. I received a new comment notification in which the URL had wrapped and lost its URL identity on the second line. Like this

    The same thing happened recently when I tried to use a really long link in a post.

    Just ran a test where I emailed the same URL to myself. It came through whole.

  2. Yeah, that’s a known issue. I believe it’s being worked on. Not sure why it happens, though I suspect it’s because EE is breaking the lines at a specific character count.

  3. Sure thing. What part do you want to know about? How I got it to use the title in the links instead?

  4. That’s easy enough. I used the title_permalink tag in the URL instead of the standard permalink tag. Alas, Yoshi’s “Recent Comments” plug-in doesn’t allow for this so I had to replace it with Lynda’s Recent Comments plug-in that does allow it, but Lynda’s plug-in won’t do the recently commented entry thingy like Yoshi’s does. So I had to build that bit by hand using standard EE tags.

    Not impossible as there is an option to sort by most_recent_comment when listing out entries except that there’s a bug in EE that makes it fail. So I had to edit the mod.weblog.php module by hand to correct the bug as it’s not been fixed by the folks at pMachine yet. I was pleased to find that I could replicate one of the two items I was using Yoshi’s plug-in for with standard tags, though. I can email you with more specific info if you want.

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