Christians digging for fossils of fantasies to support their primary fantasy.

There’s an interesting article online at the Telegraph News site about a group of Christian fundamentalists hunting for dinosaur bones in South Dakota to support their belief in God and the Biblical account of Creation. – Christian dinosaur hunters dig for signs of Biblical dragons

To these believers in the Bible’s literal truth, they are not dinosaurs but “missionary lizards”, which are powerful weapons in the battle for young American hearts and minds.

Missionary lizards? What, it’s not enough that they have to try and re-write history to fit their viewpoint, but now they have to rename everything too? This is all part of a growing movement that is trying all manner of new approaches to legitimize and popularize the Creationist viewpoint in hopes of eventually counteracting and eliminating Evolution as is currently taught in most schools.

Those certain that God made all living things, dinosaurs included, on Day Six of the Creation, are deploying ever more imaginative tactics in their struggle against schools and universities teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Boldest of all is a trend for believers, young and old, to dig for fossils and dinosaur remains as witness to God’s handiwork.

Lecturing to a rapt audience of 20 like-minded Christians after a hard day in the field, Russ McGlenn, a self-styled amateur archaeologist and palaeontologist and head of Adventure Safaris, said: “Heavenly Father, we thank You for the evidence of a catastrophic flood event. We thank You for the time to study Your creation. Heavenly Father, we thank You for the evidence of a catastrophic flood event.”

Not much is said about what these folks are using as the basis for their conclusions that these fossils are a result of Noah’s Flood. According to the article, “Just as evident, depending on who is looking, is “proof” that the creatures died in a flood. Evidence is seen in geological strata and the animals’ sudden deaths.” It would be interesting to hear specifically what these folks are making their conclusions on or if they’re just tying the evidence to their beliefs and calling it proof.

The afternoon’s work yielded a rich crop of bones, from a group of Edmontosauruses known to be buried in the hillside. The remains join similar exhibits, including a triceratops skull, at a museum opened by the land’s owner to spread the word that Darwin was wrong.

“Dinosaur fossils are not proof of evolution but rather extinction,” a poster tells visitors to the museum. The war between Darwinian science and Christian fundamentalists has raged for decades but the battleground has lately shifted from courtrooms and lecture halls to small-scale museums, churches and even a Creationist theme park called “Dinosaur Adventure Land”.

Certainly the statement that dinosaur fossils are not proof of Evolution is quite correct, but then that’s never been the claim as far as I’m aware. Most of Darwin’s work involved living species—not fossils—and a lot of the evidence in support of Evolution has little to do with dinosaur fossils. Fossils can be an source of supporting evidence for the theory, but they’re far from conclusive proof and no scientist I’ve heard of has ever claimed otherwise.

Apparently these folks have been listening to our friend “Dr.” Kent Hovind and his theories that dinosaurs were created at the same time as all the other animals and were killed during Noah’s Flood circa 2300 B.C.. We’ve talked about “Dr.” Kent Hovind here before, but that doesn’t remove the amusement factor of the quotes from him the folks at the Telegraph managed to acquire:

Evolution is “the dumbest and most dangerous idea in the history of humanity”, said Kent Hovind, a vocal enthusiast for the cause who also runs the theme park in Florida. Explaining his Creationist creed, he said: “We think dinosaurs were part of the normal Creation and were just big lizards. Noah took some of them on the Ark, probably babies, when the floods came.

“Throughout history, there are stories of people killing the animals that survived but they called them dragons.”

Whew! How can you argue with well reasoned and enlightened statements like those? So, let’s summarize here: Dinosaurs were just big lizards. Noah took some of the dinosaur babies on the ark with him so that they would be around to be wiped out by later generations who called them dragons. So what the folks in South Dakota are really digging for are dragon fossils.

How anyone can listen to that guy and not laugh out loud right in his face is beyond me. For some reason every time I read something he’s said I get the mental picture of a used car salesman in a cheap plaid suit trying to hustle me into buying an obviously steaming pile of crap.

17 thoughts on “Christians digging for fossils of fantasies to support their primary fantasy.

  1. Apparently, Noah sucked as a project manager. 

    So, he was ordered to bring two of everything (except the eatin’ kind, of which he brought 7 each.)  Virtually everything else survives (including lots of small lizards) but none of the big lizards/dragons do, because they are systematically hunted down and killed by humans.  Why?  Did they taste like chicken?

    Gimme a fucking break.  By this reasoning, either I can conclude (assuming that I swallow this shit) that the fossil evidence of dinosaurs is only a few thousand years old, and represents those creatures not present on the ark (but we assume that two of each of these was on the ark, because Noah wud a gud boy an did whud Papa told him).  Why then are there not fossils of modern species, since they were obviously present on the ark, and therefore must have left relatives behind?  How convenient that every species represented by fossil was coincidentally later slain as a dragon.

    If you cartooned this up, you could make a Saturday morning show about it, but even the dumbest kid would recognize that it was fantasy. Teach it in church, however, and you get tons of normally bright adults swallowing anything you feed them.

    word = start

  2. So what’s next?  Are they all going to get together and go on a unicorn hunt?

    It’s crap like this that pushes me further from being an agnostic and closer to becoming an atheist because if there were a God he would be slapping the shit out of people like this.

    [Quote]“Heavenly Father, we thank You for the evidence of a catastrophic flood event. We thank You for the time to study Your creation. Heavenly Father, we thank You for the evidence of a catastrophic flood event.”

    What evidence?  That’s tantamount to saying it rained last night because my bathroom tub is wet this morning.  If those fossils had been in a flood they would have been gone, long ago.  But I suppose that his ‘care bear’ God set those aside special, just for him to find.

    captcha = ‘evidence’ honest brock

  3. Interesting that this story appeared in the UK. They must consider us a source of innocent merriment.

  4. One has to wonder how smacks like this manage to live.  I mean, they’re just so freakin’ stupid.

  5. VernR, I’ve noticed that the folks in the U.K. news media seem to be doing a lot of reporting on the religious movements here in the States. Seems the growing influence of Christian Fundamentalists here in the States may have them a tad worried.

  6. I’ve noticed that the folks in the U.K. news media seem to be doing a lot of reporting on the religious movements here in the States. Seems the growing influence of Christian Fundamentalists here in the States may have them a tad worried.

    Have to admit it’s got me a bit worried too.

    This calls to mind the Onion headline, “Creationist museum acquires 6,000-year-old Tyrannosaurus skeleton” – parody and real life keep racing each other.  First one pulls ahead, then the other…

    Captcha: either

  7. My Theory:

    I believe that atheist aliens from a godless world planted ‘dinosaurs bone fossels’ all around earth to eliminate Christianity. With Christianity out of the way they could then come and conquer our world!


    (As a Christian I just shake my head and walk away from these poor souls.)

  8. jeez…how long are they gonnan argue? I mean, even the Nationa Museum of Natural History in NY accepts and demonstartes theory of evolution…
    what the hell is wrong with people?

  9. There’s a comedian that does a joke about not teaching evolution in schools. The punch is that they will refer to the dinosaurs as “Jesus Horses.” That always makes me giggle a bit.

  10. I do not find that punchline so funny because I can remember a high school discussion with a kid who contended that dinosaur bones were ACTUALLY the bones of demons cast down in a heavenly war. I laughed but he never cracked a smile. While I find it mystifying I think he actually believed what he was telling me.

  11. Actually, aside from the (quite convincing) C-14 and other supporting data that paints the era of the dinosaurs as being millions of years ago, not thousands (and that’s a huge, show-stopping aside, but work with me here), I don’t find Hovind’s statements here to be *that* bizarro (his statements elsewhere notwithstanding).  If one posits that Noah really did take two of everything (a huge gnat to strain at, to be sure), then I suppose it makes sense that the dinosaurs taken on would have to be babies (though the ark evidently was TARDIS-like in its ability to house zillions of species).  And I don’t think Hovind would deny that other species have been hunted to extinction since the flood, so the idea that the rescued dinos became “dragons” makes at least that much sense.  After all, the same happened to wooly mammoths (were babies of those on the ark, too?).

    Of course, you can only go so far along that cognitive alley before running into all dead ends, but in and of itself, the statement’s not beyond the pale.

    cap: test

  12. It’s funny watching these fundamentalist morans trying to “prove” something based on complete fiction.

    Genesis is NOT an original document.  Much of Genesis was taken from the Epics of Gilgamesh, which is thousands of years older.  Trying to “prove” the Genesis account of creation is like trying to get Utnapishtim’s current mailing address-it isn’t going to happen.

  13. As usual, Ecclesiastes got it right- “There is nothing new under the sun”: just google “homo diluvii testis”.  Latin for “man who testifies the flood”, the name was bestowed in 1735 to a group of fossil salamanders that even Kent Hovind would probably hesitate to claim as human.

  14. hey, there fundamentalists..
    ooooh jesus horses, missionary lizards, evolution is crap..
    whoa !!
    it got a bit personell there.
    u know what may be u should ask the almighty for a brain. u morons !! they should put hot steaming piles of shit in ur mouths for such non sense !!. rat pricks

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