ChristianExodus: COMING TO a State Near You?

Ever heard of an organization called “ChristianExodus”? Don’t worry – You will! They’ve got a plan to take back America, and it doesn’t seem the least bit like my plan. Their Website explains what must be done and why: is coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of reestablishing Godly, constitutional government. It is evident that the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system, and the efforts of Christian activism to restore our Godly republic have proven futile over the past three decades. The time has come for Christians to withdraw our consent from the current federal government and reestablish the sovereign Christian nation of South Carolina.

Christians have actively tried to return the United States to their moral foundations for more than 20 years. We now have a “Christian” president, a “Christian” attorney general, and a Republican Congress and Supreme Court. Yet consider this:

Abortion continues unabated

Sodomite marriage is now legal in Massachusetts (and coming soon to a neighborhood near you)

Children still may not pray in our schools

Our schools continue to teach the clearly discredited theory of Darwinian evolution

The Bible is still not welcome in schools except under unconstitutional strict FEDERAL guidelines

The 10 Commandments remain banned from public display

Sodomy is now legal AND celebrated as “diversity” rather than perversion

Preaching Christianity will soon be outlawed as “hate speech”

Attempts at reform have proven futile. Future elections will not stop the above atrocities, but rather will exacerbate them and lead us down an even more deadly path.

So what can be done? ChristianExodus offers the opportunity to try a strategy not yet employed by Bible-believing Christians. Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process.

ChristianExodus is orchestrating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of dissolving that State’s bond with the union.

This might, and I say might not be as scary to you as it is to me, because you might not live in South Carolina. I do, however. I moved here about 5 years ago, and it wasn’t so I could help redeem the state for ChristianExodus.

Right now I’m reminded of that old scary movie ploy where the harried resident receives a call from the Chief of police. You remember don’t you? Where he says, “We’ve traced the calls you’ve been getting from the psychopath and, well, they’re coming from INSIDE YOUR HOME!”

All I can ask is that you check in on me now and then.


113 thoughts on “ChristianExodus: COMING TO a State Near You?

  1. Ha! You’re absolutely right. Caught me in an ugly massive generalization. What can I say? Caught. Caught. Caught.

    I was tired. Perhaps, I should be eaten by lions or clubbed upside the head with a cross.

    But, I have to agree with Mr. Hoke. Aren’t Protestants Christians? Well, I mean, unless they’re, you know, Protestant Satanists or something like that. wink

    Seriously though, my bad. No more massive generalizations. ::smacking hand:: bad. bad. bad.

    THEN AGAIN, I did say “some” and implied that I knew them personally, didn’t I? Hmmm. Still I could be generalizing …

    Wouldn’t it be even scarier if I was a Christian myself?

    It makes the mind boggle. Really.

    Just teasing you. Well, about some of it. I wonder which part …

  2. That wasn’t my point. I was trying to get people to stop calling people like the ChristianExodus the Religious Right, it should be the Theocratic right. The Southern Baptist Organisation are Protestants, and they are the gay-hating hellbent-on-taking-over-the-world Christians, whereas Catholics just want abortion outlawed. They are both Christians, but Catholics are the lesser of two evils. You do see my point, no?

  3. I think Iv seen “Fundamentalist” nutjobs from every “Sect” if Im not mistaken.

    I classify Christians in categories more in tune with what mind they may have left.

    Christians be they Catholics, Protestants, or whatever “Cult” that basically believe there could be a god, go to church once in a great while, maybe swallow some parts of the Bible at best, Fully believe in Evolution, and that the Earth is Billions of years old, etc.
    These Christians are basically just going through the motions probably because of peer pressure more than anything else, have a fairly Logical & reasoning mind left. Category #1

    Then there are Christians whom are borderline which I think makes up the majority out there, they “want” to believe in some pie in the sky god because it gives them comfort to do so, in essence they brainwash themselves to believe in the unbelievable just to have that cosmic father figure looking over them keeping them safe and giving them assurance that they will never technically die, as Death scares the bejebus out of them.
    These Christians have lost some of their faculties, for the most part they “Compartmentalize” the insanity within so they can function in society then let the beast out so to speak amongst other Christians, they go to church more regularly to meet with others infected with the same Meme. Category #2

    THEN regardless of Sect/Cult there comes the Fundamentalist Nutjob which has completely lost their mind entirely, all logic and reason completely thrown out the window.
    These lunatics brainwashed themselves into obsession, their Cognitive Dissonance has taken over forcing them to totally deny even blatantly obvious, positively proven fact, in favor of blind faith in something that has no more basis in reality than the Tooth Fairy, they believe the Bible 100% as factual cover to cover word for word. Category #3

    These Christians are the dangerous ones, the extremist, the Fundies, complete lunatics, these freaks are in EVERY Sect/Cult of “Religion” not just Christianity, not just certain Sects of Christianity or Islam etc.
    These lunatics I think represent approx. 30% of all Christians regardless of Sect, although some sects seem to breed a larger percentage of these lunatics than others.
    Southern Baptist, Pentecostal Holiness are prime examples of Christians with very high percentages of poor deluded humans that have completely lost their minds, they dont even pretend to Compartmentalize, they are too far gone.
    So I dont think its necessarily just Protestants as you can have Fundamentalist Catholics, Methodist, Mormons, Jews, etc all equally as crazy.

    The ChristianExodus freaks are obviously full blown Cat3 nutjobs that need serious medication, I think it would be a fantastic Idea for them to self contain themselves in South Carolina, maybe we could have a few C5s fog the whole state in a blanket of Thorozine, or medicate the water supply.

  4. The Boss: Would it be really terrible if I said no?

    I was just teasing you before, but if you want to be Serious (with a capital ‘S’ naturally) …

    I think that the somewhat glaringly big answer, expressed, I’m sure, countless times elsewhere on this very blog (A VERY nice and interesting blog, by the way, thank you—I hope I’m not being an intruding pain in the ass), is I believe there are crazy, crazy people everywhere, in all walks of life and with all sorts of different belief systems.

    And I’m not sure clarification of names makes anything clearer. I mean, seriously, one could start calling all the people who handle snakes in church the “Snake Snuggle-Bunnies” or those people who are moving to another state to consolidate their power the “Big Silly Poopheads” a la the poet Billy Collins and I’m not really sure it’d make all that much difference. Names can be effective, I suppose, but in this case, I think we may be dealing with semantics more than anything else. (In which case, I vote for “Big Silly Poopheads.”) I believe in the power of words, but nit-picking with words to achieve some desired ‘response’ sometimes seems a bit much to me. Not always—but in this case, maybe so.

    I can’t say one Protestant religion is better than another. I have no idea. I’d kind of have to experience them all first. And, honestly, I’m not really eager to do that. There are a bunch of them I feel somewhat eeked out by. Besides, heck, even if I did ‘experience’ them all, it would still simply be my opinion based on my experience.

    My complaint in the original post, probably, no, most definitely not expressed well was that the intolerance level really shoots up amongst my acquaintances in certain groups, primarily Christians. And, it makes me very angry and confused, because, it doesn’t really fall in with that “Turn the other cheek” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself” stuff. It seems much more like good old-fashioned hatred to me. Not exactly the proposed Christian ideal. 

    That’s what I was trying to express here earlier.

  5. My original post was meant to say “It’s not all Christians that pull this stuff, it’s Protestants. Stop with the generalisations.” Some comments on SEB express that all Christians are like a few Protestant morons. I’m not trying to defend Christians, just saying that 8.5/10 times a Christian does something stupid or tries to make others conform to the Christian belief system, it’s of the Protestant “cult”. I see your point and I agree that most Protestant Theocratic Right members are complete hypocrites. But still I’d that most of the time the Theocratic Evil Conservatives asshat that tries to get Intelligent Design itno Public Schools or tries to force the Pledge of Allegiance down kids’ throats is a protestant, and I understand that Protestants and Catholics are both Christians.

  6. I’m “only” 39 years old, but I’m already tired of fighting this fight. When I was a young lad, I saw all religions following the slope that they always have (over the long run). Ceding more and more of their ground to increasing understanding of nature and reality. Flat earth, witchcraft, anthropocentric universe, etc. I assumed that religion would die a natural, albeit slow, death. I realized that there would likely be temporary setbacks, I just didn’t realize that I would see one, or that it would strike me as so incredibly offensive. By it’s nature “faith” is immune to logic and reason, indeed many theists revel in their lack of understanding. “Don’t confuse me with your so called facts, I got all the facts I need right here in this book”. I am sorely tempted to turn the believers over to their fate, and wish them all a fun journey. Am I getting cranky at an early age? Am I justified in washing my hands of these people? Will it be worth watching the nation go down the shi*ter just to be able to say “I told you so”?
    I really am very tired.

  7. Blah Blah Blah, gees.. I read until my eyes hurt.
    I can sum it all up.  Being christian is everything
    that brings you joy everyday and how to handle or “get through” the things that don’t without opening fire on your co-workers, or whatever, you get my point.  I am not sure what to think about this christian exodus.  I just know I try to live a good clean life and I am good to my neighbors.

  8. History is witness to millions massacred by Christians in their crusades against Jews and Muslims.  Witch killings is another one of historical notriety owned by Christians. And yet, you can’t stop Christians sermonising others about human rights.  Hypicrisy is their trademark.  This Christian exodus is not a surprise! Even famous.  Writing about the profound ignorance of the Popes have filled some history pages. A highly intellectual astronomer Galileo (not sure of the spelling)who declared in his writings that it was the Earth that went around the Sun, and not the other way, around as mentioned in the Bible, was dragged to Pope’s mension and forced with a fear of death to strike out his declaration and instead write: it was Sun that went around the Earth. So much for the garbage in the Bible. 

    Although pretending otherwise, it is not the Bible that these staunch fanatics really care about but how they can use the masses that they have conditioned and so enslaved into following Bible, to attain their own goals.

  9. Read the bible, our nation is in peral. If we dont stop these GAYS and LESBIANS from getting into our government we shall surely go straight to HELL> AND you all shall follow.

  10. Read the bible, our nation is in peral. If we dont stop these GAYS and LESBIANS from getting into our government we shall surely go straight to HELL> AND you all shall follow.

    Do you really think America is in peril because of gays? I hope that was a joke.

  11. Damn, some people have a BIG mouth! Way to go Tony.

    Yes we plan on taking over the country and the first things we’re going to change are the following:

    The National Anthem will changed to “Tiny Dancer”.

    The National Flower will be a Pansy.

    The National Tree will be anything with hard wood.

    The National Pastime will be line dancing.

    And the National Velvet will be hung like a horse.

  12. UJ, can’t we all just get along! raspberry
    I am not a christian that did all those horrible
    things you speak of.  My mother is american indian and my father is German.  So somewhere down the line in America…. Two different nationalities set aside all the bull crap and here I am.  I am a pretty good person and I thank the LORD..that’s right.. the LORD that I am here. okay, this is consuming too much of my time, going back to watching a Rodeo.. smile

  13. Laffs.  I agree! That would be cute.  I wish more people would think about different smiley
    faces instead of what religion is doing what or which one is better, or which one killed the most people in the past! ps i just experienced
    watching a rodeo for the first time a year ago
    and I love every minute of it..hehe

  14. I want everyone to know I dont think gays or lesbians will send us to hell but keep in mind, sodom and gamora were just examples of our all mighty gods wrath. be ye in his hands or in the hands of HELL> you have the right to choose. Its in the scriptures.

  15. Tony, I don’t give a shit if it’s in the scriptures. I don’t believe the Bible to be anything more than a work of fiction created by men wishing to dominate other men. First convince me I should give a shit what the Bible says before you try to use it as a justification for your silly prejudices.

  16. In reading this thread I think the real problem with any sort of whack job religious fanatic(of any type/faith) is the way they blindly put their faith in a books written hundres years ago.

    Lets use the bible as an example: the bible/other “holy” christian writings claim that they were written by god. There is absolutely no way of verifying that. It very well could have been written by humans. These humans may also have been skilled manipulators of public mind back in that time. So to keep their power they created a doctrine(the bible) that claimed its legitimacy from within itself. That means there is no external verification of the doctrine and thus no proof of it; however, if no one thinks to hard they will not bother with seeing this.

    You cannot prove that some thing is true if you start with a false given. In fact with a single untrue given ANYTHING can be proved. A mathamatician a few hundred years or so called Wrustle managed to prove he was the pope in a few lines of logic based on the given 1 + 1 = 1.

    I think an example to clarify the bible supporting itself would do: a stick that supports a stick that in turn supports the stick supporting it. It is never really supported because they both together have no support. Some thing like this would probably end up in two sticks falling to earth yet touching. That is what the bible is like. A book that claims that it is not fiction yet with nothing outside of it to back that claim up. It would be something like LotR claiming itself to be truth.

    Cheers BunBun

  17. is the way they blindly put their faith in a books written hundres years ago.

    I disagree. Its because they blindly put their faith. Full stop.

    Or would a book written TODAY merit blind faith any more than one written, say 60 or 600 AD?

    True statements (if they even exists) are something that we humans will probaby never know. We can feel that something is true, and we can be sure enough of some ‘truths’ that we can (and should) base our lives around them (such as the nobrainer – in whatever phrasing – that we should not hurt someone else unless absolutely necessary).

    But with our limited view, no truth will ever be complete or unable to be revised with new data. Fanaticism is simply an attempt to end the discussion.

  18. Perhaps your bloodsugar is too low?  It’s almost supertime in Germany.  I just got my first morning coffee and SUGAR mmmmm…  ready for the day.  Ah Brock you brighten the morning with your wit!
    hey and they Washington monument is already a big Phalic symbol. cool smile

  19. I see your point about the time difference but a book written 2000 years ago is much harder to place an author to. Now adays you would probably have a much more clear idea of who wrote it. Which could help people realize that people write books. Not some transfinite figure we have never seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.

    Basically what I am trying to say is that an older book would be easier to blindly put faith in than a newer book. Although it does not matter the book’s age once faith is blindly thrown about. I agree on that.

    Cheers BunBun

  20. What is the first thing ANYONE does when they
    are in pain or some type of suffering???  Christian or not.. Everyone in the time of need
    will say.. OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME… or something of the sort.  Example.. non-christian or “God” believing person having a child abducted, this person fell to the ground and prayed to God to please help her find her child… hmmm… good point or what?  (don’t say anything mean to me.. I am sensitive)  angry

  21. (don’t say anything mean to me.. I am sensitive)

    Why would I do anything like that, you pompus fucktard bitch?

  22. Everyone in the time of need
    will say.. OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME… or something of the sort.

      Not really.  In fact, the death of my first wife destroyed the final lingering traces of social indoctrination regarding Christianity.

  23. What is the first thing ANYONE does when they are in pain or some type of suffering???  Christian or not.. Everyone in the time of need will say.. OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME… or something of the sort.

    There are plenty of people who believe the above to be true, but it’s not necessarily so in every case. Certainly there are people who are poser-atheists who fall back on their former belief when tested just as there are poser-Christians who don’t really live by the principles espoused by that religion.

    I haven’t prayed to any sort of God for many years now even during the worst of times. My first reaction when my best friend, Bill Owen, was killed in a senseless car accident was to swear up a storm, not pray. Praying doesn’t do any good when there are no Gods to answer it so I find other ways to deal with my anger and grief. I try to make constructive use of it, but sometimes I just sit and fume for a bit.

  24. I admit for a time I was a ‘poser’ atheist. Those pithy catholics guilted me back into their religion.

    But I broke down the barriers and freed myself from Chri$tianity the Catholic Church.

    And Warbi, I always thought you were around 18-19 years old (don’t know why). I had no idea you had a wife…

  25. Thebo$$
    That was really unnecessary.  I thought this
    was a much more intelligent and mature chat
    forum.  However, I am a bitch. 
    Very proud of it for not letting retards like you ruin a good day! I agree with everyone else.  I do not claim to be some great christian.. I am truely lost with the entire belief thing. My mother was baptist and father
    was catholic.  I do not think much of either of those.
    As I said before, I try to be good to people and that is all I can do.  I have a great family and great kids growing up with values and morals.  I hope you have a great day Bo$$

  26. Angel, when you said that you were ‘sensitive’ you were just asking for it. :p

    I do apologize for being off-topic, but I still think what I said was funny (albeit mean).

  27. Well since you put it like that…
    I guess I was asking for it! I just came
    here looking for some intelligent chat.
    I jumped right in and tried to say my
    2 cents like everyone else!  cheese

  28. And Warbi, I always thought you were around 18-19 years old (don’t know why). I had no idea you had a wife…

      Thanks, Bo$$, you just made my day!  lol No, I turn 39 in Sept and am currently on my third wife.  Or were you implying that I am somewhat immature?  Heh, probably some grain of truth there as well.

  29. cmpangel, you were “asking for it” by assuming that people with sincere atheistic belief are just faking, and if times got hard, they’d turn round your way.  That is a very disrespectful assumption to make.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people come to a site with the name and tagline of this one, and then get all “sensitive.”  But you are the first one to come out and say; “I am sensitive.”

  30. cmpangel sez: Everyone in the time of need will say.. OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME…

    I don’t think that necessarily proves a belief in God . . . I’ve heard plenty of Jews who say “OH JESUS!!” when they witness some event that forces these verbal ejaculations from their mouths, yet I doubt they consider Jesus their Messiah.

    Speaking of ejaculations, I am quite fond of yelling “OH GOD!! YESSSS! OH GOD!! when my wife and I are in the throes of passion, and it comes (*groan!*) time for Beau Jr. to SHPRITZ! SHPRITZ! SHPRITZ! his liquid love all over the place . . . likewise, the morning after a bowel-impacting Outback Steakhouse dinner, I’ve been know to hiss “oh Jeeezisss!!” as I grunt a fat, knobby grogan into my favorite toilet bowl. 

    I’m an atheist, and I certainly don’t attach any mystical, supernatural connotations to those phrases.  Ya know?

  31. cmpangel sez: Everyone in the time of need will say.. OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME…

    It’s also part of the language we hear used and becomes part of our own.  Especially if it’s a phrase you grow up hearing from family, like “Oh my god!” or “Jesus H. Christ!”… or even “OH GOD!! YESSSS! OH GOD!!”.  Doesn’t necessarily imply belief.  I say “bless you” when someone sneezes, but that’s just me being nice, not religous. 

    Or as the Kinky Friedman shirt says, “May the God of your choice bless you”

    Every time I’ve been in need, my response has been “shit!” or “fuck!”.

  32. I actually get a little bit of odd pleasure from this. My brother in law and I recently went golfing ( he’s a straight up catholic ). He had a run of sneezes and after each one he sort of looked around to see who was gonna bless him. I just smiled and said “allergic to something out here, huh?” In my business, around town, anywhere- someone sneezes, and I just act as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened, because nothing out of the ordinary has happened! A ( theist ) friend once asked me about this and I pointed out that I don’t comment when someone yawns, farts, burps or coughs, why should I when they sneeze? If they really believe their heart stopped and god restarted it for them, they certainly have an interesting enough dialogue going on in their head, without any comment from me.

  33. That’s a name I haven’t heard in ages

    He’s running for governor of Texas next year.

    like when someone burps or farts?

    I say “bless you” for those too.  Don’t want people getting too complacent.

  34. I guess I never meant for my comment to imply that it was proof people had belief in “God”.
    I am too afraid to call myself and atheist.  I do know one thing, if being atheist means you have to “appear” to be as miserable as you people are, I don’t want any part of it.  I think I am over my head with these conversations.  I better go find a more relax chat forum, you guys are all too uptight for me. tongue rolleye cool grin

  35. I say “Oh God!”, “Jesus Christ!”, etc. all the time, and it’s no more a reflection of my religious beliefs than me expecting a pile of manure to appear every time I say “Shit!”

    Just for the record, I say “Oy vey!” a lot too!

    —Joe wink

  36. cmpangel writes: I am too afraid to call myself and atheist.

    Are you an atheist?  Agnostic?  What exactly is it that you are afraid of? 

    I’m not trying to trap you or argue with you, but I have noticed something recently as it pertains to fear and religion – namely, the *lack* of fear in my son. 

    When I was a small boy growing up in my parent’s rigidly religious home, talk of “the departed” and “spirits” – both good and evil – was part of our conversations almost *daily*.  The departed were prayed for and remembered during every single prayer (about 5 times per day).  Among other things, this brought about a fear of unseen, hidden things that simply *had* to be creeping about in our dark, dank basement.  I hated going down there, and I was convinced that if I looked behind the ancient plaster-and-asbestos-covered furnace, I’d be sure to meet either 1) a decomposing body or 2) a spirit that would suck the life force from me and leave me back there behind that furnace as 1) a decomposing body.

    My son (now 13), who has been raised without any such silly notions, seems to have *none* of these fears – and *never* had them.  He’ll play in our basement *alone* or in his room for hours on end.  He’s never had a nightmare.  Not once, not ever.  He’s never asked me to leave a light on, or check under the bed or in his closet. 

    He has no fear of the dark, he watches the same scary horror movies that my wife and I watch, and he just seems to be able to put movies in the “They’re Just Movies” category, and that’s *that*.  He doesn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, whether good or evil. (Having seen “The Exorcist” when it first came out, I was TERRIFIED that spirits could actually DO the horrible things that seemed to be happening to Linda Blair – in Technicolor!)

    The upshot to this novel is that I am *convinced* that religious teachings, doctrine and dogma – specifically many of the christian and psuedo-christian flavors – do more harm than good in many ways. Teaching children to believe in silliness, especially silliness that imbues deep-seated irrational fears into their young, impressionable minds is simply unforgiveable, taking many years to undo the damage. 

    So . . . why are you “afraid” to say that you’re an atheist (or agnostic)?  What could *possibly* happen to you?

    cmp angel: I do know one thing, if being atheist means you have to “appear

  37. HaHa!  Afraid of completely denying the “unknown”.  I am really confused with religion.  I have tried over the years to lead a good christian life, but could never live up to the “perfection” so to speak.  I enjoy going out with my husband on occasion and shooting pool or drinking a beer.  I feel guilty if I was too tired from the 100 hr work week to get up for church sunday morning…. so.. I just stop going all together.  I do not stop being a sweet caring wife or mother, I just don’t feel like living by any churchs guidelines or beliefs.  I find it hard to believe in something I can not touch or feel.. Hence, praying to “God”.  So does that make me atheist?? When I die… well I’ll be dead.  I am not sure I care if I go to heaven.  gulp Or what is heaven??/ Ugh.. I think today is a blonde hair day… I am not sure if I make sense or not!!  confused

  38. Yes, you made sense.  At the very least you are an agnostic, but it certainly sounds as if you have some strong leanings toward atheism.  Don’t get too caught up in the names of things.  They are just markers trying to point the way toward understanding- useful tools, but not much more.  I read a quote somewhere that said something like, “Only a fool would try to live by names alone, but only a bigger fool would try to live without names whatsoever.”  I guess that it is slightly similar to the adage “actions speak louder than words”.  If you are living your life in a way that makes you happy and does not adversely impact others, then it is all good. grin

  39. I better go find a more relax chat forum, you guys are all too uptight for me.

    Only with regards to certain, important, topics. This being one of them. Don’t judge us by our responses in this one thread alone. There are other threads where we’re not only very relaxed, but downright funny.

  40. cmpangel writes: . . .I am really confused with religion.  I have tried over the years to lead a good christian life, but could never live up to the “perfection

  41. Thank you for all of your comments.  I think I will stick around and see what else I can learn from you guys!

  42. Come on guys, an Angnostic is just an atheist waiting to happen. And you know it!

    Woah, sparky!  One way to wind up someplace you don’t want to be, supported by half-formed ideas, is to rush to a conclusion.  That’s how I wound up Christian, and spent years disentangling myself.  It could just as easily work the other way.

    What Warbi said, about names.

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