ChristianExodus: COMING TO a State Near You?

Ever heard of an organization called “ChristianExodus”? Don’t worry – You will! They’ve got a plan to take back America, and it doesn’t seem the least bit like my plan. Their Website explains what must be done and why: is coordinating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of reestablishing Godly, constitutional government. It is evident that the U.S. Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system, and the efforts of Christian activism to restore our Godly republic have proven futile over the past three decades. The time has come for Christians to withdraw our consent from the current federal government and reestablish the sovereign Christian nation of South Carolina.

Christians have actively tried to return the United States to their moral foundations for more than 20 years. We now have a “Christian” president, a “Christian” attorney general, and a Republican Congress and Supreme Court. Yet consider this:

Abortion continues unabated

Sodomite marriage is now legal in Massachusetts (and coming soon to a neighborhood near you)

Children still may not pray in our schools

Our schools continue to teach the clearly discredited theory of Darwinian evolution

The Bible is still not welcome in schools except under unconstitutional strict FEDERAL guidelines

The 10 Commandments remain banned from public display

Sodomy is now legal AND celebrated as “diversity” rather than perversion

Preaching Christianity will soon be outlawed as “hate speech”

Attempts at reform have proven futile. Future elections will not stop the above atrocities, but rather will exacerbate them and lead us down an even more deadly path.

So what can be done? ChristianExodus offers the opportunity to try a strategy not yet employed by Bible-believing Christians. Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process.

ChristianExodus is orchestrating the move of thousands of Christians to South Carolina for the express purpose of dissolving that State’s bond with the union.

This might, and I say might not be as scary to you as it is to me, because you might not live in South Carolina. I do, however. I moved here about 5 years ago, and it wasn’t so I could help redeem the state for ChristianExodus.

Right now I’m reminded of that old scary movie ploy where the harried resident receives a call from the Chief of police. You remember don’t you? Where he says, “We’ve traced the calls you’ve been getting from the psychopath and, well, they’re coming from INSIDE YOUR HOME!”

All I can ask is that you check in on me now and then.


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  1. Hoo boy! (Scratching South Carolina off “places to visit” list)

    So… when was Darwinism “clearly discredited” anyway? I must have missed it.

  2. Preaching Christianity will soon be outlawed as “hate speech”

    No, preaching hate speech is preaching hate speech.

    Hating gays and hating sodomites (who are quite often straight men and women) and hating blacks and hating Jews and hating Muslims is hate.

  3. Maybe they’ll get there right in time for hurricane season.  zipper

    You can tell us Brock…you moved there to go to Bob Jones U. didn’t you?  LOL

    I find it odd that these people are trying to constantly ‘take back’ something that was never theirs in the first place.  They are as free to do as they please just as everyone else but yet they always have some sort of persecution complex.

  4. …yet they always have some sort of persecution complex.

    Well, you get fed to lions, and that sort of mentality pops up.

  5. They can do a commercial for the “Exodus” like the old Legend of Zelda, with the dude yelling out the names of the bad guys.  Anyone remember it?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

    Jesus?  Jeeesuss?
    Infidels! Heathens!  Atheists!  Sodomites!

    Or something like that.

    And the submit word is “support”

  6. -=e=-, you might think about putting Missouri on your watch list.

    The other day I had a brief discussion about the Presidential election with my Aunt. She started in on Clinton’s immorality, gays in the military (don’t ask don’t tell), and One Nation Under God being on our currency. I think I got through when I told her that it was Lincoln’s Secretary of the Treasury who was responsible getting the motto on our currency, but I got through on very little else. I am sure that my Aunt and Uncle’s sole criteria in November will be that Bush is talking the talk. There are all to many others who share their view.

    The Missouri legislature (Republican majority) recently voted to ammend the constitution to prohibit gay marriage. (It is already aginst the law here.) The proposed ammendment now goes before the people. The Secretary of State (R) tried to get the issue onto the November ballot rather than on the ballot for the August primary. The lower court agreed with a November vote, but, fortunately, the State Supreme Court said no, do it in August.

    In another thread I mentioned that there is a bill, still in committee, that would require schools to teach intelligent design.

    I’m waiting for some one to start talking our downward spiral of of moral decay, so that can observe that it started shortly after Eisenhower changed the pledge.

  7. Require schools to teach intelligent design?  Hell, I’d be satisfied if schools were required to have intelligent design.  Classrooms used to have windows you could open or close.  Now school buildings look more like prisons, with high, narrow windows that won’t open.  (sorry, irrelevant pet peeve.  Couldn’t resist.  But it does seem to fit the mentality of the Christian right though.)

    Anyway, Christian facism and the Taliban both get their juice from the same bitter fruit.  Given an opportunity, they’ll exert total control.  Except the Taliban want a relatively primitive Muslim society with no modern conveniences (“We are as modern as Allah ever intended us to be” – actual quote) and the Christian facists want a fantasy-cartoon of a past they imagine once existed.  Neither one wants a world in which people are free to be fundamentally different from their fundamentalism.

    Ronald Reagan died, by the way.  Bush said of him, “He has left a world he helped save.”

    Keyword: “book”

  8. “Children still may not pray in our schools”

    Huh?  Actually, it would be unconstitutional to disallow students from praying in schools.  In reality, students can pray in school all they want – it’s simply that the school itself (provided it is a state-funded, public school) cannot promote the practice of praying, or any other religious practice.  But saying “children may not pray in school” is like saying that the schools force Jewish kids to eat ham-and-cheese sandwiches.  A Jewish kid can certainly get (or bring) a kosher meal, because the school would not be promoting any particular religion, but merely allowing a child to conform to his or her chosen religion (or more likely, his or her parents’ chosen religion).

    “The 10 Commandments remain banned from public display”

    No, they are merely not allowed to be displayed on government-owned land, in compliance with the establishment clause.  If an individual wants to put up a giant tablet of the ten commandments (or a golden calf, for that matter) in their front yard, they’re welcome to do so.

    My best friend and I have talked about this for a while, but we think it’s a great idea for all of the fundies to go and form their own nation.  The only thing is, I don’t think they should try to overtake one of the United States to do it.  Go get an island somewhere.  Get the hell out of the country, if we’re so godless and you hate it so much.  (Yes, I’m ironically throwing their typical sentiments back at them.)

    Oh, and just out of curiosity, Les (or anyone else who would know) – with the new post system, I’m not entirely sure how to do such things as blockquotes.  Help? smile

  9. Oh, I just got it. They will all leave Missouri.

    JoePGuy, the old tags still work.

    quote and /quote both enclosed by square brackets.

  10. I just remembered a 1939 story “If this goes on” by R. Heinlein, in which the United States becomes a theocracy under the leadership of one Nehemiah Scudder.  Going to have to dig that out and give it another read.  This sounds eerily similar but it’s been awhile since I read it.  (also shuddering)

  11. The resettlement of Christians is really the only practical, final solution to this nation’s Christian Question.

    When encountering a Christian i, too, often encourage them to “just go move your ass South.”  But, something more Southern in mind, like French Guyana might be better suited than a US state or territory.  The legalities of this program can get a bit messy, as we learned in the past (dead congressmen and all), so operating outside the confines of US law would be desireable.

    Although past resettlement efforts have been sepectacular failures.  Yes, i can confirm that Jonestown was a CIA lab trying to establish and perfect mass-mind control techniques on the cheap.  So, a more structured program led by more *calm* souls might just do the trick.

    Tammy Faye Baker is reportedly at the top of the list for what we coding:  Tammy Town.

    .rob adams

  12. As a long time South Carolina resident, I object to the ChristianExodus coming to South Carolina.  We already have enought bigots and idiots, we don’t need any more.

  13. Hey, as long as Bush is at it, why don’t we just send ‘em all to the moon?

    Hell, Bush can go too!  Send Ashcroft and Condoleeza Rice there as long as we’re at it.

  14. On the face of it, I think resettlement is a great idea, especially since I’m sure the warring factions between sects would eventually cannibalize each other.  But think of the great blossoming of Ponzi Schemes of every conceivable stripe the rest of of would get to witness at a safe distance!  If this had happened 5 years ago, the rest of the nation could have calmly observed the hothouse flowering of the energy scandals without bearing the brunt of the outcome, and we’d all be having a good natured laff.
    But, Silly Rabbit, you can’t displace a population to suit your ideology….  Unless you’re willing to PAY….
    So Brock, what’s your price?  Won’t this be fun to watch?

  15. BTW, Les, the last 3 words on the security check were ‘French Get Out’.

  16. I won’t move for anything less than a million, maryh. I’ll just stay here and bring their property values down.(I can do that as a Caucasian, right?)

    This is, by the way, the first time I’ve ever been able to say to someone else “If you don’t like this country, you can leave” and it feels just as weird as I feared it would.

    And deadscot, I moved here for the fun, sun and employmentate-un. Two out of three ain’t bad, though.

  17. You have all proven that you are completely insecure and foolish.  Good job.  You made me laugh.  Ha ha.  I’m really too tired to go into details but if you would like to know anything about the stupidity involved in the theory of Evolution then go to  And if you think that’s too one sided then go to and head to the debate section for Creation Vs. Evolution(There’s a nice good mix of athiest, agnostics, Christians, crossbreads…).  If anyone would like to visit me there to chat and what not then hit me up at 

    Anyways.  I am a Christian(One who believes the Bible is completely the only inspired word of God) I don’t hate gays, or democrats, or Muslims.  I know that there are a few bad representations of what the Bible says about these things.  I do not feel it condones homosexuality, but that doesn’t mean I hate them.  If you really wan’t to know what the bible says and what we really believe than go read a bible(Any Translation) yourself and don’t talk about what “we believe” and we won’t talk about what “you believe”.  Thank you for your time.

  18. Hey Chicken,

    If you had spent any time reading more of this site you would have found that most of us atheists have read all of your precious little tome and that is a major part of the reason we let go of that old superstition. It’s a book full of crap and very little wisdom, and that just rehashed bullshit from older gods or just plain common sense. Grow up man! Use your noodle!

    You’d also find plenty about evolution, creationism, and that idiotic DrDino site right here. Just use the search box.

    Why should we visit your place if you’ve spent no time here? hmmm

  19. Why should we visit your place if you’ve spent no time here?

    There you go, encouraging him tongue laugh

    Now he is a gonna haff ta be learned to act all polite like and actuallee reade

    (Hey I can feed the trolls too)

  20. Mr. Chicken may have been one of the more clever comment spammers. His website URL linked to a music site of some sort so I’ve removed it from his comment.

    Beyond that he’s just another in a long line of broken records.

  21. OK, I’ll buy that. I think this is the first time I’ve been lectured about Creationism by a VJ. It would help, however, if you read few several of the other threads here before telling us to read a Bible or where to go to read Creationist fairy-tales. Most of us have already done both.

  22. Most of us have already done both.

    Les – when you wrote that it just dawned on me that the majority of Christians have never actually read the bible.  They’ve read portions of the bible and held bible studies or listened to sermons around said scripture but they haven’t actually sat down and read the entire thing.  In reading the bible cover-to-cover it becomes increasingly difficult to resolve those pesky contradictions and details and I doubt many faiths would encourage it.

    BongSmokingChicken – Take a weekend and read the entire bible and then let me know if you still think it is the complete infallible, inspired word of God.

  23. I apologize, I am not a Bong smoking Chicken.  I am TheGreatBongChicken.  It’s my legendary SN on several sites.  The name has nothing to do with drugs.  I picked the name because of a real Chinese food called “Bong Bong Chicken”.  One day, I was just sitting around and thinking of words that sound funny together and all of the sudden I remembered a chinese food that I read about long ago and almost fell over laughing about.  Then shortly after, take of one “Bong” and add “The Great” and TheGreatBongChicken is born!!!  Well…  Now that that misconception is cleared up, we can move on to other misconceptions.  First…  Not everyone who says “I’m a Christian” is a Christian.  I assume you know it’s about more than that.  Being Saved/Born again and being a Christian are not the same thing.(Now listen carefully here because I am about to make a point that is verry difficult to understand)I am saved/born again, that means I am going to heaven(According to the bible).  That does not mean I am a Christian(Which I am).  I am a what you call saved/bornagain Christian.  When you get “saved” or “Born again”(What ever other Christianese there is for it) That guarruntees you heaven.  But technically, you’re not a Christian unless you not only believe but live it out.  Getting to heaven is easy(Just ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins)but living the “perfect” Christian life every day is impossible.  Jesus doesn’t ask us to be perfect though, and being perfect won’t get us to heaven, being forgiven will.  Most Christians have not read the bible cover to cover because it’s HUGE!!  It’s too big to read over a weekend.  I read it on a regular basis, but I have never read the whole thing(It’s huge).  I have never read anything that’s really contradictory when read in the right context and compared among different translations.  Just because the majority of people who say they are “Christians” never read the bible doesn’t mean that the majority of people who really attempt to live out the Christian life(motivated by love, not just fear that God will strike them dead if they don’t) do not read it.  I am not trying to say those who don’t try to read the bible are not going to heaven, I am saying that they cannot technically call themselves a Christian.  I would love to stay and debate, but my school is retarded so they are blocking the site.  You can all talk to me at  There are several athiest, pagans, Christians, muslims, Agnostics Ect…  It’s not just for Christians.  You can probably guess my screen name… 

    A side note:
    There is a book out called something like “1,000 contradictions in the bible”.  Anyways there is another book out called something like “1,000 cleared up contradictions in the bible”.

  24. Getting to heaven is easy(Just ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins)but living the “perfect

  25. I am about to make a point that is very difficult to understand)I am saved/born again, that means I am going to heaven(According to the bible).  That does not mean I am a Christian(Which I am).  I am a what you call saved/born again Christian.

    Actually, being ‘born again’ does make you Christian.  It’s being a Christian that doesn’t necessarily make you ‘born again’.  Tricky corollary argument.

    The majority of Christians have staked their so-called eternal lives in a document in which they know rather little about and blindly follow the teachings of modern day religious leaders.  In turn Christians beget more Christians that are more ill informed than the last and any sort of fundamental usefulness of the religion is lost in the security blanket antics perpetrated by the modern church.

    It’s one thing to be a believer in order to deal with personal issues in your own life, it’s another issue entirely to attempt to thrust those views on a nation in order to buttress your belief system.  Why not just be content that you’re going to heaven?  Or are you?  Where’s heaven?  Do you really need validation from the entire populous at large?

    Bong Smoking Chicken actually made more sense but thanks for the story.

  26. “Actually, being ‘born again’ does make you Christian.  It’s being a Christian that doesn’t necessarily make you ‘born again’.  Tricky corollary argument.”

    Well, people can certainly be religious and not be saved.  They can believe in God yet not know God, but that is not what a Christian is, that’s what a religous person is.  A Christian is someone who is born again or saved and is living it out, not just someone who got saved.

    “So THAT’S how Jeffery Dahmer got into heaven!

    It’s perfectly clear.  We just get saved, then continue raping, pillaging, and plundering, and we STILL get into heaven.  Of course the religion has survived all these centuries – it’s the easy way out.”

    I don’t know if Jeffery Dahmer got to heaven or not, but I see that there is a clear misunderstanding here.(Now I know that you don’t neccesarilly wan’t a theology lesson, but you asked for it whether intentionally or not.  But I’ll try to make it quick.)  There is a teaching out there based on a scripture that says “Nothing can separate you from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus”.  Now if I had my bible with me I could cite, but sorry I didn’t bring it to school today.  This doctrine has caused many to believe that once you get saved, no matter what you do you are allways going to heaven.  This doctrine has been tagged “OnceSavedAlwaysSaved” or “OSAS”.  I have had many discussions about this doctrine and have had many different opinions about it.  I finally decided that for the most part, it’s not true(The doctrine, not the scripture).  If you read the scripture closely, you will see that it says “nothing can separate us from the LOVE of God”, it does not say “Nothing can separate us from God”.  This is important because God loving us doesn’t save us, we have to let him.  John 15 talks about Jesus being a vine and us being the branches, it says to stay joined to him and he will stay joined to us.  It says if we don’t than we shall be “cut off…gathered up and thrown into the fire”.  Now those two scritures can seem to contradict each other unless you read them carefully and don’t just fly over them.  The bible also says that “It is his will that none should perish” and that he loves everyone, no matter how much they hate him.  People have been arguing for centuries about just what “Stay joined to me” means…  It’s pointless to debate about it right now, but the verse says that there is a point where enough is enough.  But then you say, “Is there ever hope after that?”.  Yes.  There is another scripture that says “He is able to graft them in again”.  It’s in Romans I believe(I’m tired, it’s early, I don’t have my bible).  There is also one that says “If you disown him, He will disown you.  But if you lose faith, he will not disown you, for he can not disown on his own”.  Basically I think it’s clear, it’s not about beint good, it’s about being willing to accept forgiveness.  Ted Bundy could accept it, Charles Manson could, I could, you could, Adolf Hitler could, and that just plain makes some people mad.  But those are the people Jesus died for.  Do you really think he went through all of that just so people who only did a few bad things could be forgiven?  No, he died for the rapist, murdurers, adulturers, and the not so bad people.  Sin is sin in Gods eyes.  When he was being crucified, a murdurer was no his left.  He had no time to do any good to make up for his bad, but he was still forgiven.  Why?  Because that’s how it works.  He asked for forgivness, and he got it.  God said “he who comes to me I will not cast out”.  Now let me ask you a question, who needs a doctor more, a person with a cold, or a person with a life threatening disease?  Obviously a person with a life threatening disease.  Now who needs forgivness more, a rapist/murdurer or a kid who stole a cookie from the cookie jar in Sunday School?  The only difference is, God doesn’t see little sin and big sin, he just see’s sin.  That’s why Jesus had to die for us, to take our punishment so that we wouldn’t have to.  He also had to live a perfect life, remenicent of the passover, with the blood of an innocent lamb on the door.  Death passed over the houses with the blood of the lamb on them, and eternal death will pass over the souls covered by the blood of the lamb.

  27. GreatBongChickenAndRice:

    Has it occurred to you to wonder:  If the Bible is the word of god and god is infallible and he wants us to believe in the Bible, except Christ, and all that crapola (I’m sure you’ll agree those are all reasonably universal beliefs in Christianity)…then why are there so many arguments and interpretations of the Bible?!

    You just said yourself that some think that “Once Saved Always Saved” isn’t true because of the nuance of the wording (which is, BTW, a tad questionable since the Bible has been translated and retranslated many times and, as we all know, no language is entirely precise).  You don’t believe it, but many Christians do.  If you think these Christians are otherwise decent people and try to follow the word of god, why would god purposefully allow them to follow an inaccurate interpretation that could lead to their missing out on heaven and all the candy?

    Isn’t it infinitely more likely that the Bible was written by men…very superstitious men (remember, this is gotta be like 1700+ years before Newtonian physics even) who attributed natural laws of the universe to some more powerful creature that they couldn’t see, believing he lived in the sky that must have seemed awfully large and awesome back then…

  28. Damn, no edit button.  That should be “accept” Christ (which would make a lot more sense in that sentence…)

  29. “So what you’re saying is we only need to be saved to go to heaven, not be Christian.”

    Yes.  Exactly

    “Did you change your mind between posts?”

    No.  What made you think I did?

    “I find a “one size fits all

  30. TheGreatBongChicken see’s a misconception!!  He must do something about it!
    He will tell you this:

    I did not mean to or intend to make anyone here think that I am belonging to or in anyway promoting “ChristianExodus”.  I have personally never even heard of them untill your post.  I do not agree with them, and was not necessarily tryint to defend them.  I was defending Christians as a whole, and at times that may get me thrown into the same category as the ChristianExodus guys but I do not intentionally associate myself with them.  I do not completely agree with what they are doing, they have good intentions, but I feel there methods are incorrect.  But then again, I have never really talked to one before so I don’t know.  From what I have seen, I do not promote what they are trying to do.  So I(TheGreatBongChicken) apoligize for possibly (unintentionally) leading some of you to believe I was part of the organization.

    “…no edit button.  That should be “accept

  31. No.  What made you think I did?

    B/c you go and tout that being saved guarantees you heaven, and later you say you disagree with that thinking. 

    Than argue with God, not me.  I didn’t write the bible, I just believe it.

    Maybe God is speaking through you, so you would therefore be required to answer the question. 

    Having the wrong theology doesn’t mean you aren’t saved.  It means you have the wrong theology.

    And since you only need to be saved, does theology really matter?

  32. “It is so hard to take anything you say seriously.”

    sorry.  Another particular reason I selected this SN was to sort of give off a “Down to earth” vibe.  Ya know, not the traditional “Holier than thou art” Christian mindset. 

    “B/c you go and tout that being saved guarantees you heaven, and later you say you disagree with that thinking.”

    NO no no…  I probably should have been more careful about the wording that I selected(My own, not the scriptures).  I apologize, I will attempt to clarify it.  What I personally believe about the issue is that once you ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins, no action or sin you commit is big enough to take away that forgiveness.  In other words God will never deny you forgiveness, but(This is where the “but” comes in)just because he offers it doesn’t mean we accept it.  I believe the only thing that could stop ust from recieving forgivness is our willingness to recieve it.  It says that “if we disown him, he will disown him, but if we lose faith, he will not disown us, for he cannot disown on his own”.  In order for him to “disown” us we have to willingly disown him first.  And even after that it says he can graft us in again.

    gtg.  I’ll get back

  33. “And since you only need to be saved, does theology really matter?”

    As long as you as Jesus Christ to forgive you for your sins you are saved and going to heaven(As long as you don’t totally reject God and change YOUR mind).  Alot of Christians have different views on subjects such as the Rapture, OSAS, speaking in toungues, ect…  Basically, I would say that Theology doesn’t affect whether you go to Heaven or not, BUT(And there’s that annoying little “but”) it may affect how you think which affects how you live.  So I definately think that all who accept Jesus are going to heaven regardless of theological doctrine issues as long as they never turn away from God willingly.

    Sorry gtg bus is here.  PM me at if you would like to talk more often, I can rarely get on here because of my school.  It’s been interesting chatting.

  34. You take off your shoe and beat the comment until it’s black and blue?

    Failing that, I use the quote BBcode tags, but you can presumably use HTML-style blockquote tags, as well.

    Try something like [ quote ]QUOTED TEXT[ / quote ] without the spaces between the square brackets; it should yield


  35. Hmm…  Let’s give this a try


    BongChicken is trying to make a blue quote

    Now let’s try the first method.

    BongChicken is trying to make a blue quote

    (BongChicken takes off his shoes and beats the quote until the screen breaks and then he decides that he likes the other one better)

  36. I’m confused. Okay, someone thinks being gay is immoral. Personally, I don’t see how two people loving each other is immoral, but hey, have at it! You don’t like abortion. Okay, so … don’t get one. All of these points are moot. We’re not a theocracy. We’re supposed to be a democracy. So, EVERYONE gets religious freedom. Not just certain groups. Moreover, it isn’t a question of morality at all. It’s actually a question of being treated equally under the law. Using the example of someone who is homosexual, it is not whether or not you think it’s immoral. Instead, the actual pertinent question is whether you believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. If you do believe it, then people who are gay should be able to get married. If you don’t believe it, then, well, maybe it’s time to go support that theocractic dictatorship you really want, instead of a democracy.

    Hmm. Now that I’ve read this, I see that’s what they’re doing. They’re moving to South Carolina to start their own theocratic dictatorship. Not that it isn’t happening already to a certain extent.

    Well, then, instead of disguising it as some sort of democratic call, they should just be honest.

    You know, “We’re a group of Christians who want to force everyone else to believe what we believe—the hell with the Constitution and Bill of Rights! Oh, yeah! And to hell with the love thy neighbor as thyself, turn the other cheek thing, too!”

    I know many very nice, wonderful Christians, but frankly, some of them are just buttheads, really.

    By the way, great place you have here.

  37. Uhm…

    It’s not Christians that pull this stuff, it’s Protestants.

    Almost sounds like “No True Scotsman”, no?

    Hate to break it to you, Protestants, Catholics, the Westboro Batshit Church, Fundamentalists, Quakers, and a whole bunch of others are all Christians… they all may not like being lumped in with the others, but they are all Christists

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