Check Out “Googlism” - Because You KNOW They’re Talking About You.

I ran across an interesting search engine called Googlism and I don’t think we’ve linked to it before.

What you do is put your name in the search box and it finds things that have been said about you on the net. Well, it says things about people with your name and some may actually be about you personally, or may be apt descriptions.

For example, some of the results I got were:

brock is still wrong.
brock is the one with the bedroom eyes.
brock is a pathetic little man.
brock is god.
brock is going to dry up and blow away.
brock is girl crazy.
brock is pictured in esquire tied to a tree.
brock is an enlisted man in a platoon where men have a penchant for finding trouble.

I’ll leave it to you to guess which statements are true. Suffice to say I learned some interesting things about myself (or someone like me).

11 thoughts on “Check Out “Googlism” - Because You KNOW They’re Talking About You.

  1. This is awesome!!!

    skippy is dangerous and endangered at once
    skippy is a whiney bitch
    skippy is a very handsome young cat
    skippy is always ready to play with anyone who comes along
    skippy is famous for being the leading alien doodler in the atomniverse
    skippy is especially comfortable with my digital camera
    skippy is a large purple kangaroo who lives at children’s hospital of austin

    Damn, they nailed me.

  2. I always imagined Brock with bedroom eyes.  Too bad she turned out to be just a pathetic little man.  shut eye

    Here’s some of the returns on me:

    is the owner of www
    is in the background
    is only one guy
    is afraid to open the doorway and acknowledge the intelligence of other species
    is now the “man to beat”
    is the one to watch here
    is the makah tribe spokesman
    is a marvel of clarity
    is amazing
    is an assistant cross
    is creeping around

    I was surprisd that out of the 300 returns, two of them were actually about me.  Glad I never got promoted above assistant cross.  Wouldn’t want that whole stigmata association.  Now I want some royalties on my WWW. Dammit!

  3. Oh that’s good!
    I got tons or funny returns for my name.
    For one, I am built into the side of a steep hill.
    Who knew?

  4. Google doesn’t have the faintest idea who, or what, Laughing Muse is. (Not much more on my actual name, either.)

    I’m all about the stealth. wink

  5. Like the Laughing Muse, I’m flying silent and my psuedonym is unknown to Google.  Oddly enough, they think my real name is a founding partner in ponder & ponder (whatever the heck that is).

    Submitting word = social

  6. Wow, typing in “Les” generates quite a list:

    les is more report
    les is more
    les is more when it comes to nfl talent 04/20/02
    les is moore’ by kelly ‘punki pixie’ tait
    les is brown
    les is more in tottenham attack
    les is tour de france
    les is less
    les is correct
    les is back with fish and chips for world cup glory
    les is having a ball
    les is the best medicine
    les is more blues / jazz / pop executive producer doug finlayson produced by lesismore and mark hasselbach recorded at wind tunnel studios
    les is more forum
    les is more richard corliss on the 70
    les is more when it comes to nfl talent on the ball
    les is a burglar originally from zentil keep
    les is more a maximalist work in progress in woodberry
    les is usually more
    les is managing director and founder of mystery surfing ltd
    les is more in tottenham attack gerry cox at upton park sunday november 25
    les is playing at pontins which is at a place called brean sands over the weekend of 15th to 18th november and then on 22nd november
    les is back for the best of british
    les is the king
    les is the poster child for nerds all over the us
    les is dedicated to advancing engineers and the profession of engineering
    les is more
    les is a man
    les is opposed to the fee schedule conceptually and with regard to specific fee amounts
    les is comprised of several of the world’s most respected energy service providers
    les is reviewing the beacon sites
    les is experienced in evaluating the condition of the current wellfield
    les is an unmatched expert in landfill gas power systems
    les is a self
    les is to make specific contributions to the safety assessment of repositories for all kinds of radioactive wastes through an understanding of
    les is to filter out the small scales of turbulence so that only the large scales need to be computed
    les is a no
    les is back from his hiatus and should have a new album out and web page up
    les is an appropriate technique for the system that you are studying
    les is the second largest electric utility in nebraska
    les is our tournament director
    les is once again named one of the nation’s top 100 talk show hosts by talkers magazine
    les is a simple method used to increase sampling; no special output is generated
    les is thinking about increasing the amount of his animal collection to the size of a zoo
    les is the most famous man in england
    les is back with fish and chips for world cup glory bid
    les is mo
    les is on the mend now
    les is a 41 year old cowboy from celeste
    les is best known for his work in the late 60s and early 70s with partner/saxman eddie harris
    les is the end product of a maturing process
    les is a member of the arizona bar association
    les is kort
    les is a communication and change specialist who is well known for his work with social change media in sydney
    les is not yet on
    les is located at the very bottom of the esophagus where the esophagus joins the top of the stomach
    les is an association of 28 individual societies
    les is in the form of his tottenham career and scored the 10

    If I include my last name the list is shorter and actually relevant:

    les jenkins is the casual otaku
    les jenkins is the casual
    les jenkins is a car dealer

  7. ragman is nailed to the cross (Guess this is what I get for making a crack about Jesus’ last words in another post)

    Hmmm, a short story…
    ragman is sitting in the cockpit of a thai skycobra
    ragman is wearing the blue rectangular patch of the mad dogs on his uniform and wearing the black
    ragman is one of the avatars of the death god charnel
    ragman is now powerful enough to reach out from bristol
    ragman is fighting the apokoliptian storm trooper
    ragman is already up and he stomps on pharoah as he gets in the ring
    ragman is one of the most underrated superheroes around
    ragman is fine with this
    ragman is here

  8. I think my favorite is “Adam is the ideal human male with his rippling muscles and elegant contours.” Not remotely true, but very flattering to be sure. Some of the better ones:

    adam is coming
    adam is airborne
    adam is god
    adam is within
    adam is pleased with this
    adam is your father?
    adam is lonely
    adam is creative
    adam is wicked smart
    adam is my strange beloved one
    adam is the bomb happy
    adam is a fool
    adam is lame
    adam is everywhere
    adam is super cool
    adam is one
    adam is harmless
    adam is your ashes
    adam is my what? by kyia woodhaven
    adam is committed to collaborating with other relevant initiatives
    adam is your father? in the professed christian world there are many confusions
    adam is a paranoid schizophrenic
    adam is getting so boring
    adam is a hunk
    adam is the one on the left
    adam is known for his creativity
    adam is leaving
    adam is dead
    adam is a romantic comedy that is surpassingly unusual for what it doesn’t do
    adam is the ideal human male with his rippling muscles and elegant contours
    adam is never as funny and clever as it thinks and/or hopes itself to be
    adam is the first of the prophets
    adam is blogging
    adam is everywhere can’t argue with that
    adam is also on the executive committee for the british astrological & psychic society and one of their senior tutors
    adam is a complicated man
    adam is made with the consult of the heavenly court
    adam is a descendant of the famous professor abraham van helsing who fought dracula in the original book by bram stoker
    adam is operational
    adam is not a punk band
    adam is connected to the following things
    adam is right
    adam is a powerful tool for collecting and analysing data and producing reports from the gathered statistics
    adam is forced to constantly be
    adam is the father of jesus
    adam is sportique’s ambassador the universe
    adam is a kidnapped son of european royalty
    adam is narcissus
    adam is working an example problem and comes to the conclusion that “this good
    adam is in
    adam is the senior associate pastor of jubilee christian center
    adam is located in the middle of the val d’oise department
    adam is pre
    adam is started for each application that the user desires to run on the target machine
    adam is an executive committee member and director of the hypnotherapy association
    adam is my it hero j
    adam is going mad
    adam is famous
    adam is a welcher
    adam is
    adam is quite good
    adam is your bag if you don’t need quite as much room as the hoss
    adam is powered by uranium from superstar
    adam is greetings in the name of the lord
    adam is only 12 which i class as a baby even though as i stand i am only 2 years older
    adam is betrayed by his love and delivered into the hands of his archenemy
    adam is consistent and safe clone charlie from bob was at least twice mutated with bld clone david from charlie has no connection to adam
    adam is a founding member of hi
    adam is unlike any of lucy’s previous boyfriends and sweeps her off her feet with some admirably romantic moves
    adam is 46 in tall

  9. Getting a little more specific with my query produces some alarming results:

    adam m. is charged with having sexually assaulted michael e
    adam m. is our new district liaison
    adam m. is shown demonstrating the first three moves of a tai sabaki drill called ‘hachi kyo’
    adam m. is doing really well on willowdale under12

    For the record, I don’t even know anyone named Michael E.

  10. I certainly got a good set! This’ll be kind of long.

    alessandra is as sexy as her name (Why, thank you.)
    alessandra is already half a decade removed from the quiet serene village in which she was born
    alessandra is also a very accomplished chef and connoisseur of food and wines
    alessandra is artistic director and founder of i giullari di piazza
    alessandra is a remo artist
    alessandra is one of america’s most sought
    alessandra is able to go beyond the camera and into the soul of his subjects (His?)
    alessandra is a leading authority on high leverage
    alessandra is working hard in this area
    alessandra is really incredible
    alessandra is from rome
    alessandra is more than a guess? girl
    alessandra is one of the sensible gay bars around (I like that one. *laughs*)
    alessandra is a sorceress who lives in and “rules” one of the countless quarters of chélekar
    alessandra is very cold yet elegant
    alessandra is the perfect launching point from which to explore paris
    alessandra is one of the newer additions to the protec advanced training facility
    alessandra is unstoppable
    alessandra is a singer
    alessandra is a marketing strategist and applied behavioral scientist
    alessandra is referring to is congressman jules ledesma
    alessandra is still alive in consolation singles and first round doubles
    alessandra is situated in the heart of one
    alessandra is engineer in agronomy (Now that I know that – what the heck is agronomy?)
    alessandra is very focused and driven and we know that she can do anything she sets out to do”
    alessandra is a woman who wants desperately to live
    alessandra is taken into protective custody by harry
    alessandra is an italian national living in ireland who speaks english
    alessandra is an ideal base for your visit to paris
    alessandra is expected to be invited by producers to audition for asian roles in their forthcoming film projects (Dude! I want to audition for Asian roles! It’s funny because I’m not even remotely Asian…)
    alessandra is the widely published author of some thirteen books (Oh, how I wish.)
    alessandra is the only woman in the us and in italy who specializes in southern italian percussion combined with ritual dances and singing that she learned
    alessandra is bilingual in english and italian
    alessandra is 24 years old (In 5 years…)
    alessandra is first (SWEET!)
    alessandra is forthright and tomboyish (Okay, they got that one right.)
    alessandra is an architect
    alessandra is a very special friend of mine
    alessandra is a professionally trained chef who frequently appears on italian culinary television programs
    alessandra is too psychotic to make it in any sort of leadership capacity (*grins* Probably more true than the entries that say I’m a motivational speaker.)
    alessandra is expected at the end of the month
    alessandra is investigating how local interactions among banks can precipitate financial crises
    alessandra is a professional fashion model from verona

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