Brooks starts a meme: Stats Messaging.

Brooks has discovered something pretty cool he calls Stats Messaging. I’ll let him explain it:

I was looking at my stats today and noticed a very peculiar search query. “I really want to see brooks.” I have no idea who did this search or what they were looking for, but it gave me an idea. I’m going to call it Stats Messaging. With my luck, this is already a common thing. Here’s what you do. Visit a friend’s blog and look for some key words that they have used in a post. You might want to go back a few weeks to make sure those posts will show up in a search. Make a sentence with those words (the more unique the words are the better). Using the person’s blog name is good if it’s unique. It should have some sort of message like the one above. Type the sentence into Google with NO quotes and see if you find the persons blog. If you do, make sure you click on it so that the search will show up in their stats. If you do the search a few times, they will have a better chance of noticing it in their stats. I’ve already sent a message to a few of you that read this on a regular basis. Check it out! Oh, and SM me.

So I started digging through my referrer log to see what Brooks might have used and came across two entries from Google where the search query was: “Brooks+says,+Stupid+Evil+Bastard+is+God.” How friggin’ cool is that? So now I’m going to have to try playing around with this and see what I can come up with for other folks to notice in their referrer stats. Plus it was just damned cool enough that I had to help promote it as a meme so all of you mindless SEB Drones should go out and do this too. Um, just because. Don’t ask why! You’re supposed to be Evil Drones so hop to it!

7 thoughts on “Brooks starts a meme: Stats Messaging.

  1. That’s a great idea! I’m going to have to start doing that! It never even occured to me, yet I look at the search queries all the time. I had one this morning looking for “ExpressionEngine script warez”. Like what, your going to run a pirated copy of EE? that’s a good idea! smile

  2. Ack! For some reason I know I knew that and I keep forgetting it. I thought I’d caught myself this time, but apparently I didn’t. I’ll fix it. grin

    Now you know why I stick to the shortened version of my name. If I get one more bit of mail addressed to “Ms. Lesley Jenkins” I’m going to chip a nail!

  3. Sorry about that.  red face

    I noticed that later when I went to your site, nice photography by the way! I should know better, considering my mother’s name is Daryl.

  4. Les, hehe that’s right. My parents have married friends named Les and Jo. Les being the man and Jo being the woman.

    Aren’t names fun! smile

  5. Thanks guys. Oh, and Dave. I sent you a “SM.” Some people are harder to do than others. Dave is a little too common, but I think you’ll find it funny, but not really true. The second part at least.

  6. grin That really is a great idea! I hope it catches on!

    I do like Mac’s. I think OS X is really cool looking. I just have a problem with the people who think that put Mac’s on a pedistal the size of the moon! You know what I mean.

    I certainly don’t put Windows on any pedistals, it’s an OK OS, but it has it’s problems. OS X is pretty cool, but it has it’s share of problems too.

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