Announcing the return of the “Most Recent Comments By” list!

You guys kept bugging me about it and so I threw my considerable weight as one of the world’s foremost evil bastards around and demanded that a change be made to the core of ExpressionEngine that would make it possible to once again display the little list of most recent commenters at the bottom of each entry! You see how wonderful I am to you people now??

OK, truth is I asked Paul Burdick really, really nicely if he’d take a look at what I was attempting to do and the different means I had tried that didn’t work and what I suspected the reasons why they didn’t work were and then suggest a means I might pull it off. He noticed that one of the means I was attempting that didn’t work could be fixed with a simple change to one of the core modules and offered to check with Rick if he could make the change. Rick thought it would be OK and so Paul made the change and sent it to me to test out and, by golly, it works like a charm!

Best of all, this simple change opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities that has got me all excited and anxious to try out. Unless I come across any problems it’s likely this change will actually make its way into the next build of EE, but for now I’m the only person in the whole world who can make use of it! Wheeee! I’m special!

Well, for a little while anyway.

8 thoughts on “Announcing the return of the “Most Recent Comments By” list!

  1. I love the way simple things are so worthwhile to Les. The man can find sunshine coming out a cows ass. He makes the wise and patient ones I know seem bitter. It’s the simple things that count, guys. It’s the simple things! 

    captcha = hold – meaning hold someone now. It’s the simple things, guys!

  2. Sweet!  I’m glad it worked out easily enough.  That’s great for EE too.  They should throw in some freebies for your ‘developmental’ input.

    I’m not sure about that ‘sunshine comimg out a cow’s ass’ thing, but I do know you do a damn fine job with this site.

    I need to find an Ashcroft doll for Brock to hold.

  3. I appreciate the thought deadscot, but as for that Ashcroft doll, you’d better not. I’m afraid I’d do a Robert Chambers on the thing. Hold too tight and the head falls off. Ooops!

  4. DeadScot, they did throw in some freebies. They gave me the package for free, remember? I think it’d probably be a little ungrateful for me to ask for any more freebies considering they saved me a good $99.

    In fact, I’ve pretty much offered my services as a beta tester for anything they want to try out as a means of showing my appreciation. In the meantime I’m going to teach myself PHP so I can try my hand at plugin and module writing.

  5. Mea culpa.  I should have remembered that from our first thread on EE.  Damn.  Starting to feel like a DOF myself.

    Brock going Robert Chambers on Aschroft has a satire story written all over it. ‘Attorney General killed while making inappropriate advances towards SEB guest bastard.’

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