Anime character PC case mod.

Being a true computer geek I love case mods the same way that car enthusiasts love custom hotrods. I have neither the skill nor the workspace to make case mods of my own, but I love checking out what people who have plenty of both manage to come up with.  I’ve written on more than one occasion about particularly cool case mods such as The Caffeine Machine and the Marriage Proposal case mod among others, but never before has a case mod combined two of my loves in one package. Namely computers and anime.

Take a look at the picture on the right (click for a bigger pic) and you’ll see a case mod that finally brings my two loves together in what has to be every geek’s dream form: a near life-sized anime character that is also a fully functional PC. Called the ERN005PC (KANA), this work of art is the creation of Kanna Higashi & Katsuya Matsumura and if the two of them ever manage to mass-produce these things they’re all set to make a killing with lonely geeks everywhere. Their website has detailed pictures of the sculpting and assembly of this case mod as well as plenty more pics of the final product. Considering the number of anime series out there that feature cute anime girls in skimpy outfits that are composed mainly of electronic components there’s something strangely appropriate about this case mod.

Fear for the species known as geeks once robotics advances enough to make fully automated sex dolls a possibility as they will never breed again and will die out not long after…

…with really big smiles on their faces.

Found via Engadget.

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