And with that, he was done.

Finally, after no small amount of struggling with some piss-poor excuse for HTML from my past come back to haunt me, I can say that all 7 blogs are officially running under ExpressionEngine now that I’ve completed the transition for Cindyisms. *Whew!* I still plan to gut the design for her site and re-do it once the inspiration strikes me, but until then it’s up and running. Now all she has to do is start posting content again.

Being the glutton for punishment that I am I’m already thinking of setting up a sub-blog or two for the occasional movie, book and video game reviews I do. I’ve been inspired by Lynda’s movie and book sections on her blog which are just downright damned cool. She was kind enough to share her templates with me and I must say they’re amazingly ambitious in their scope. I’ll probably try for something a little more simple with mine once I figure out exactly what I want to do.

I’ve turned off captchas for the time being as at least one reader was having troubles with them. If we start getting comment spam I’ll turn on moderation for unregistered members to deal with it. I’m hoping the folks at pMachine will incorporate my suggestion to add an option to allow registered users to bypass the captchas as it’ll make for one more good reason to register with the site and allow me to turn them back on again.

That’s all I can think of for now. If you’ll excuse me I’m off to back up the old blogs one last time and then yank MovableType off the server.

3 thoughts on “And with that, he was done.

  1. congrats!  Hope it’s as satisfying for you as it was when I finished my conversion to EE and did a rm -rf on my MT directory.  LOL

  2. I don’t know that it was satisfying, but it certainly had an air of accomplishment about it. It’s no small task moving 7 blogs over to a new platform largely intact and I was sweatin’ bullets on more than one occasion. grin

  3. wink Well you did, we thank you, but there was no question that you could accomplish it.  Those years at the Atari, the C-64, and all of the other machines really developed a love and an ability that has rewarded you well!

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