A small weekend update.

Had a good weekend, not too busy and largely pleasant. I hope you guys managed to have a good one as well.

As you’ve probably heard by now former President Reagan has kicked the bucket. I thought about writing about his passing, but I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to say. I wasn’t particularly fond of Reagan as a president, but I have to admit to a certain amount of nostalgia when I compare it to the current administration. So, he’s gone now and that’s all I really have to say about it.

Drove up to visit my brother and his family on Sunday as it was my nephew’s birthday. We brought a birthday cake and a gift certificate for Best Buy as gifts and then I helped my brother spend a grand on a new computer that they’ve needed for a long time now. I had sat down the night before and speced up a killer gaming rig that’s actually slightly better than the setup I have and I’ll be headed back up probably this weekend to put it all together for them once all the parts arrive. I told my nephew I’m looking forward to meeting up with him online so I can school his ass in some Halo or Unreal Tournament 2004 to make up for the schooling he gave me on the Xbox version of Halo. I just can’t get the hang of playing first person shooters on the console. The controller is a poor substitute for a keyboard and mouse for games like that.

Didn’t get out to see the new Harry Potter flick so no spoilers in the comments. Will probably try to get out to see it sometime this week or coming weekend. Not that I don’t already know how it ends after reading the book so I don’t know why the hell I’m worried about friggin’ spoilers. Damn, it’s still early and I’m not quite awake yet.

I was going to play some Call of Duty yesterday in honor of the 60th anniversary of D-Day, but I couldn’t find my game disc so I’m all annoyed about that.

Haven’t won the lottery yet and I must say I’m starting to get annoyed about that. I think it’s about time I won. Suppose this means I should go to work this morning. OK, fine, I’ll go one more week, but then I better damned well win that lottery.

5 thoughts on “A small weekend update.

  1. The biggest problem I had with Half Life being made on the PlayStation 2 was the fact that a controller had to be used.  I HATE JOYSTICKS almost as much as I hate control pads.

    The ONLY first person shooter that I liked with a controller was Goldeneye on N64; they had a CENTRAL grip with which you could control the joystick more easily (which I think was possibly one of the most intelligent controller designs in HISTORY).

    And you know what REALLY blows?  Strategy games (i.e. Starcraft) with controllers.  What the hell were they THINKING?!

    On the subject of Reagan: I didn’t like him either.  Despite the fact that he was president when I was far too young to acknowledge it, my research shows that he was almost as STUPID with budgets as Bush is.  HEY AMERICA:  JUST BECAUSE HE WAS PRESIDENT DOES NOT MEAN HE WAS A FREAKING HERO.

  2. That’s Josh – My hope for a generation! I think he must have gone to the same school of thought as myself.

    You mentioned two of my favorites, Les, with Unreal Tournament and Halo. Unreal single player kicks alien ass too. I’ve played it more times than I can count.

  3. Yeah, Reagan, the good ol’ days. Thanks for the debt, dipshit! Supply side economics, my ass…

    On the other hand, when he was prez, we knew who the enemy was, where they were, what they had, and what they were doing, and they knew the same thing about us. I guess that, given the choice, I’d prefer the evil empire to al Qaida.


  4. When you do win the lottery, don’t forget us little bastards.  T1 lines all around!  Now THAT would make for an incredible online gaming experience.  My tribute to D-day was playing Desert Commander on an NES emulator.

    submit word – [B]‘single’[/B] which is what I’ll be if I keep doing shit like that instead of helping out around the house.

  5. I am very glad that I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your post.  I am quite impressed that you haven’t given up on your lottery dream.  However, I must mention that you do have to purchase tickets in order to win…

      Though of course I am only speaking from past experience…for all I know you cart ‘em around by the bucket now.

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