Yeah, but how the hell do you wash them?

Video T-shirtsgWe’ve had t-shirts with corporate logos and brand names on them forever it seems and it’s hard to say how much of an impact they have in terms of actually influencing anyone to buy a particular product or service. At best they might help build brand consciousness due to seeing them everywhere, but it’s arguable if there’s any value in that. For example I see plenty of Tommy Hilfiger logos around me on a regular basis and yet I’ve never purchased a single piece of clothing from that company, but then I might just be weird. Overall, though, they don’t generate a lot of notice unless they’re particularly shocking or pushing the envelope in some way, so what’s an innovative marketer to do?

Why embed video screens in them, of course…

I, T-shirt: wearable movie trailers at NextFest

Coming soon to a T-shirt near you: trailers for “I, Robot,” starring Will Smith. In the never-ending search to capture the attention of consumers bombarded by commercials, billboards and a massive array of other advertisements, 20th Century Fox debuted an innovative new guerilla marketing tactic at E3 last week—T-shirts embedded with video screens that played “I, Robot” trailers.

The two women who wore the video T-shirts as they walked around E3 drew crowds and TV news crews on hand to cover the gaming conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 20th Century Fox is the first studio—or business of any kind—to use the video T-shirt marketing tactic developed by San Francisco-based Brand Marketers.

Yep, they’re putting movie trailers on t-shirts now. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy one at your local Old Navy store anytime soon, but if they turn out to attract enough attention then you can probably count on seeing them show up at various conventions and expos around the country in greater frequency. If nothing else it gives you a perfectly valid reason to stare at the booth babe’s chests.

Found via Boing Boing!

4 thoughts on “Yeah, but how the hell do you wash them?

  1. T-shirts with the Corona beer logo on them were extremely popular in my little corner of the world when I was in middle school. Yes, 12-year olds wearing beer adverts. Anyway, nowadays when I don’t feel like springing for Bass Ale, guess what I reach for…?


  2. Hard to say. I actually owned a Jack Daniels t-shirt for a long time as a kid and into adulthood and yet I don’t think I’ve ever bought a bottle of the stuff myself.

  3. I guess I fall a bit outside the average demographic because I actually go out of my way to make sure that I have no advertising on my clothing. I think the last thing I wore with any kind of “product tie-in” was my Ren & Stimpy t-shirt.

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