WordPress 1.2 Final now available.

If you don’t already know, the final version of WordPress 1.2 is now available for folks who use that blogging package. This is a major update from the 1.0.2 version with tons of new goodies such as sub-categories and a completely new plugin API. Kudos to the WP team for cranking it out and for the clever URL on the entry that’s a play on a rather infamous Six Apart entry title from not too long ago.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 1.2 Final now available.

  1. I may check this out.

    I was slightly put off by the PHP-only template comment that someone else made. I don’t know PHP very well, and I don’t care to learn a whole new language. Just how are the templates, editing-wise?

  2. In all honesty they’re not too bad. Instead of tags like in MT or EE you are inserting literal PHP function calls into your template so it’s as close to actually “coding” your templates as many systems get, but you can think of them as somewhat funky looking tags and that’ll help get your head around them.

    Truth is tags are just a menomic way of inserting function calls under other blogs. WordPress just doesn’t disguise them. Effectively your index.php file is part of the code that runs your site and instead of your templates being in a seperate file or database they’re literally embeded in your system’s code. This was part of what made me decide not to go with WP.

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