Why, that’s like 345,074,683,209,468,129,576,873 pictures on a single card!

So you’ve got yourself a shiny new digital camera and you’ve gone picture crazy. So crazy that even the 512MB and 1GB CompactFlash cards you bought aren’t enough to get through 20 minutes worth of picture taking before you fill them up. You need more storage and you don’t care what it costs. Is there any hope? Indeed there is as long as you have very deep pockets:

Pretec’s 12GB CompactFlash card costs more than a new Honda Civic – Engadget

We’d mentioned this once before, but Digital Photography Review is saying that Pretec’s 12GB CompactFlash is supposed to retail for nearly $15,000 when it comes out later this year rather than the $9,999 we had heard it was going to cost. At least in Japan it’s supposed to retail for that much. So basically you can choose between buying a little piece of plastic with some memory on it that you’re probably going to lose anyway, or a brand new 2004 Honda Civic, which actually costs a little less.

If 12GB ain’t enough to satiate your needs then you may want to consider seeking professional help.

5 thoughts on “Why, that’s like 345,074,683,209,468,129,576,873 pictures on a single card!

  1. Or you could buy, say, 10 4GB Rio hard-drive based MP3 players at $199 each, take them apart, and have 10 Hitachi 4GB CF MicroDrives, already formatted. 40 GB for two thousand dead presidents, and then you can buy a used Civic (or a Canon 1Ds 11MP digital SLR at 8 grand).

    My wife has a Canon 10D digital SLR. The RAW files the thing generates are 6-7 MB each – large CF cards are a common thing for us…


  2. Or you could take a chear, buy a 40GB iPod and the Belkin Media Reader and just transfer the images off your regular CF card.

  3. I use CF cards for a living and I would NEVER put that many eggs in one basket. I rarely even fill up a 1 Gig card before I start to get nervous.

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