USA Today has first official pic of Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DSSurprisingly enough the folks at USA Today managed to score the first picture of the new Nintendo DS. – Nintendo unveiling a new portable

The DS will sell alongside today’s Game Boy Advance, not replace it, according to the company. Nintendo has not announced a release date or price, though analysts predict it may sell in the $150 range.

One of the two 3-inch screens is touch-sensitive and works with a stylus—like Palms and Pocket PCs—to control the action in some games. In one demo, players guide a toddler-age Mario as he falls from the sky by drawing clouds. Other games give multiple views of the action.

The DS also has Bluetooth wireless communication to connect with other units within range for cordless competition. DS has separate slots for current Game Boy Advance cartridges and new, smaller DS game cards.

The article says the new DS is slightly more powerful than the Nintendo 64 released back in 1996 which means it should be capable of true 3D games, though not on the same level as Sony’s upcoming PSP. Nintendo executives seem to be hoping that the lower price and dual screens of the DS will be enough to allow it to win out over the PSP which is expected to come with a much heftier price tag. The official unveiling is supposed to occur sometime today at a pre-E3 event.

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