Try not to post any comments for the next, oh, 15 minutes or so…

… cause I’m making the switch. If all goes well, this entry will disappear. Nevermind. It didn’t go very well. For some reason EE duplicated a lot of categories and it’s really impact the performance of the software. I’ll have to put off the switch for now. Oh lookie! It’s working!

2 thoughts on “Try not to post any comments for the next, oh, 15 minutes or so…

  1. When imported entries with EE, it will treat multiple categories as subcategories. Make sure to download updates from their bug fixes forum as they have fixed some large database comment errors. Regarding the category issues, I have no idea what can fix it. I just deleted the subcategories and am manually recategorizing my entries. Not fun but worth the power of EE.

  2. Yeah, I just downloaded the latest build and updated the files. The multiple category issue I can live with fixing by hand, but when I moved my database over it killed the performance of EE. Clicking on a comment link was taking upwards of 30 seconds to switch screens. Not sure if it was due to all the duplicate categories or what, but it really sucked.

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