They should have left him alone.

They’re making a sequel to one of my favorite recent action flicks, The Bourne Identity, which picks up two years after the first movie ended. It’s called The Bourne Supremacy and the preview certainly looks promising. Looks like they’ve gotten most of the major cast from the first flick to return, minus the dead guys, and the agency that Jason Bourne used to work for has made the mistake of coming after him so he’s taking the fight to their doorstep. Ooooo! I can hardly wait for this one! It’s due to hit theaters on July 23rd. You can check out the trailers for it by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “They should have left him alone.

  1. Oh, man.  I’m really looking forward to this one, too.  Back when I first heard Matt Damon was going to be in an action movie I thought “no way; it’ll never work”.

    Oh, how wrong I was!  The Bourne Identity was a fabulous movie and I never once (during the movie) doubted the choice of Damon.  The new sequel looks, if anything, better than the first one to me.  You’ll certainly find me waiting in line for this movie when it’s out.

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