The forces of intolerance pick up a win in Hamtramck.

Looks like bigotry and intolerance may yet win the day in the dispute over the Hamtramck City Council’s decision to amend the city’s noise ordinance to allow broadcast of the Muslim call-to-prayer via loudspeakers.

RELIGION: Petitions to halt call to prayer submitted

Robert Zwolak, one of the organizers of the campaign, said 632 signatures were collected and “there will be more coming.” Only 552 signatures were needed to stop the amended noise ordinance, which also regulates church bells.

The signatures must be certified and the council notified of the certification by May 25 or the law automatically becomes effective May 26, City Clerk Genevieve Bukoski said. Legally, she has 10 days to certify the signatures.

On May 25, the council will have to revisit the ordinance. If members choose not to rescind it, then it is automatically suspended and must be placed on the ballot for voters to decide.

The issue could be on the ballot in August or earlier.

Personally if this is the approach they want to take then I think the City Council should go ahead and amend the noise ordinance once more to ban the ringing of church bells in the city. It should be an all-or-nothing situation. Either everyone has an equal right to make noise in honor of their religious beliefs or no one does. Otherwise the city government is giving preferential treatment to Christians over all others and is in violation of the separation clause.

4 thoughts on “The forces of intolerance pick up a win in Hamtramck.

  1. Let me take this opportunity to once again publicise my campaign to have Christians branded with a cross on their forehead and right hand (top-side) so as to make them easily identifiable to all other citizens.

    This method shouldn’t be too disturbing to well-educated Christians.  This is an ancient tradition still practiced (albeit voluntarily) by the Coptic Christians of Upper Egypt, much for the same purposes.

    I’m now accepting donations to purchase a fleet of “Branding Vans” via PayPal or money order.  We’re hoping to have the fleet ready to roll throughout Manhattan’s streets in time for the GOP convention later this year—which should provide ripe pickings for our efforts.

    We’re also still open to donations for the following equipment:
    [] netting
    [] leather restraints (BDSM enthusiasts search your closets, please)
    [] sterile needles
    [] ink (black only please)

    So, email me for the PayPal or money order details TODAY.

  2. Wonderful quote I read recently in a book by Orson Scott Card:
    Verily wasn’t a bit surprised that the Baptists had to face the back of the courthouse, while the Episcopalians got the front view.  The Presbyterians had the north side and the Lutherans had the south.  And if Catholics or Puritans or Quakers showed up, they’d probably have to build their churches outside the town.  Verily enjoyed the cheerful hypocrisy of American freedom of religion.  No church got to be the established one, but you sure knew which ones were way more disestablished than others.

  3. LOL, rob, but shouldn’t the brand be an upward pointing arrow with the words “I’m with Stupid”?

    I’m got an old pair of handcuffs (don’t ask!) and a bust of Jean-Paul Sartre. Would they assist you in capturing the vermin?

  4. Since when do some religious groups get to do whatever the fuck they want?  Oh wait, since forever.

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