Testing out Expression Engine.

For those so interested I’ve got a test install of Expression Engine running in my usual spot. I’m using one of the default templates at the moment, and very nice they are I must say, but I did manage to import my MT entries into EE as part of the test. The only problem with that is it appears to have hosed the time stamps during the import resulting with entries in reverse order from when they were posted, but on the proper dates. Still, for testing purposes it’ll do for the moment.

3 thoughts on “Testing out Expression Engine.

  1. I was looking at EE. For $150 you get a good bit of software. However, after Mena’s recent post I’ll possibly hold off for a short time while I see how MT evolves and what plugins are developed, primarly sub-catagories, photoblogs, etc.

  2. I’m in the process of doing the same thing.  It involves a bit of a learning curve, but the added features seem to be worth it.

    Did you notice that 6A has caved under pressure and altered their pricing options?  From first glance, they have upped the allowed authors per license and now offer a $10 per author add on option.

    This makes the decision harder, but if I get the free (or reduced price) option for EE, it will probably seal the deal…

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