Teetering on the edge…

I must admit that the more I play with Drupal the more I’m thinking of switching SEB over to it. Which is saying a lot considering I haven’t even looked at how much of a pain in the ass it’ll be to design templates for, and I think it’ll be a real pain in the ass to design templates for. The other thing that has me hesitating at this point is the fact that any comments left by unregistered visitors will show up as “Anonymous” as opposed to being allowed to specify a name.

But there’s just so many goodies to play with in Drupal that it’s very, very tempting. Threaded comments is a big one as is the ability for users to see everything that’s new since their last visit. Integrated polls would be nice even if I don’t use them that often. The ability for regulars to submit content for consideration is cool. Integrated smilie and BBCode support, the glossary module is cool as hell. Yeah, I’ll admit I’m a sap for the bells and whistles. Still, I’m trying to hold out with MT for a bit longer to see what the plugin authors are able to cook up. But the goodies are so enticing…

8 thoughts on “Teetering on the edge…

  1. I switched most of my sites to Drupal. The issues I’ve run into:

    While the permissioning isn’t as fine-grained as PostNuke, it suffices for my uses.

    The (contributed) image gallery module is a far cry from Gallery integrated PN, but again it’s not really an issue for me.

    The (contributed) weblink module doesn’t seem to sort links in a meaningful way. This is probably straightforward to fix.

    What I really really like is the node structure, combined with the taxonomy system.

  2. Coolness. Thanks for letting me know about that, Boris. If nothing else it looks like if I sit tight long enough Drupal will eventually do everything I want in a blogging system. Or be close enough to finally tempt me over the edge.

  3. I’ve been thinking about Drupal for my class website, but I only just downloaded the software yesterday so I haven’t really decided yet.  It looks promising, so I’m hopeful.

  4. Templates are still a show stopper for me. No tags = no fun. FWIW here’s my drupal site which happily runs itself.

  5. So as a question to my regulars: Do you folks think there would be a big problem with seeing comments from unregistered users showing up as “Anonymous?” At least until the module changes take place to allow for MT style comments? It looks as though that option is in the works for Drupal, but the current version doesn’t have it.

    I’m curious to get some feedback from my regular visitors on if they think the switch away from MT might improve the experience around here a bit.

  6. It wouldn’t bother me. The anonymous posters can add a signature line to their posts; if they chose not to nobody is really worse off than before. On the other hand, if you want to adopt more community/portal features, MT isn’t a good match…

  7. I don’t want to use TypeKey.  I don’t like using any kind of third-party central registration that is potentially valid (and useable) on sites I don’t even know exist. 

    If that means I have to sign my “Anonymous” postings, that’s fine with me.  Although anyone who is trying to AVOID reading my comments will probably be annoyed because it’ll take a little longer to find out which ones they are.

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