Stupid fucking scammers!

I can’t believe this. Some asshole registered an account here at SEB and then used it to send a variant on the Nigerian scam to myself and at least one other member. Now that takes some fucking gall. I’ve not been on ExpressionEngine for two weeks and someone is already forcing me to disable a feature I didn’t think was going to be a problem and probably resort to hand validating every account that signs up. It’s bad enough when these assholes send me this crap through their own damn servers, don’t fucking use mine to perpetuate your shit!

If I thought I had some means of legal recourse I’d start hunting this shithead down.

4 thoughts on “Stupid fucking scammers!

  1. Now THAT does take balls.  Honestly, some people have too much time on their hands or have strange notions of fun.

    Personally, I am all for hanging spammers and virus writers by their genitals outside the city gates. wink

  2. Turns out EE has a nice little feature in it that limited the damage: a time limit on how often you can send mail through the member panel. Right now it’s set to 5 minutes between messages so you can send one email to any member of SEB that has opted to receive emails (and you can set your profile so it doesn’t allow it if you wish) every five minutes or so. He’d have to be very patient to sit through that to try and hit all the members.

    I may bump it up to 10 minutes just for a little more deterrance. Honestly, it’s only there so that if you need to reach someone who’s a regular here you have a means to do so, but it’s not meant to replace your own email service.

  3. If the spammer left a valid enough e-mail address, I usually help his cause by adding their e-mail address to a list of forwards that send all the spam I get from “closed” throw-away e-mail addresses to their address. I have a couple going now because people would register in the forums with a website url to a site selling something.

    Now that one of their ilk has been sentenced for spamming, maybe this kind of thing will slow down. Ok, ok, I can hope can’t I!

  4. That takes so much balls. If you require a valid email to register maybe you can just forward your lovely spam to it?

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