Sony unveils the mother-of-all DVRs.

typeX_for_info.jpgI’ve been suffering from TiVo-lust for awhile now and I’ve mentioned this on more than one occasion. Like so many things in my life it’s one of those decisions that I’m highly tempted to give in on except for one nagging detail that prevents me from doing so. Other than not being able to afford one, that is.

In the case of TiVo it’s that damned monthly subscription fee for a device that’s going to set me back a good $250 in the first place. For that kind of money I don’t feel I should pay an additional $12 or so a month for the programming guide that I need in order to schedule programs. Especially when they’re making money off of recording stats on what I watch and what I rewind repeatedly (Nipplegate anyone?). So I’ve been waiting for my local cable company to offer a set top box with a built-in DVR on the hope that the extra monthly charge for it won’t be too ridiculous.

About the time I think I’ve calmed down about this I read about Sony’s new “Type X” DVR-from-Hell over at This monstrosity has 1 TERABYTE of hard drive space along with 7 TV tuners! I don’t think there are seven shows worth recording that all air at the same time, but the storage space is enough to make a TiVo junkie faint. It’s assumed that this beast is intended for recording HDTV shows and would probably provide around 50 hours or so in that format and it’s also likely this will be a Japan-only product for the foreseeable future.

But I can always dream…. :drool:

6 thoughts on “Sony unveils the mother-of-all DVRs.

  1. That’s Cool! From what I read at the site…. uh, oh, I have no idea what all of those weird little symbols mean. Stupid American.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on MythTV and FreeVo for awhile now. If it weren’t for the fact that my ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon can’t be used with MythTV I’d probably already have built my own by now. Damned annoying.

  3. You could always go satellite.  DirecTV charges an extra $5/month for TiVo, not too bad, and their subscription rates usually beat most cable companies.  They have an offer for the dish and TiVo for $99.
    Trust me…TiVo will change your life. After we got ours I went out and bought a second one.  Remember…it’s an election year…and us TiVo folk will just smile when people complain about the mud slinging commercials.

  4. Our Replay lets us skip over commercials at 30 second increments; the last time I looked (years ago), Tivo only let you fast forward over them.

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