Some random thoughts I happened to be thinking.

None of these are worthy of a full entry in their own right so I’m going to scrunch them altogether into one posting.

  1. The trackback function doesn’t appear to be accepting incoming trackbacks at the moment. No idea why yet, but I’ll look into it.
  2. Am I the only person who hears “Cheese Turds” every time that stupid A&W commercial comes on? Yeah, I’ll rush right out and buy me some o’those.
  3. I hate trying to pick a new webhost. Too many scammers out there.
  4. Yes, the MovableType Beta Testers were given a very nice 50% reduction in the price of upgrading to MT3.0.
  5. No, I won’t be switching back even if the general release has every feature I could ever want because the number of blogs and authors is still too limited.
  6. E3 has been over for a week now and I still have Half-Life 2 on the brain. The game needs to come out right now, dammit.
  7. I plan on winning the lottery this weekend. I’m not counting on it, mind you, but I’m planning on it. I’m told it helps to have a positive attitude and Stupid Evil Bastard is all about a positive attitude.
  8. Around 8:20AM every other morning or so on the way into work I see this old guy walking down a street leading to the complex where I work who’s always carrying a huge American flag on a pole like in a parade with an expression of angry determination on his face that seems to me to say he’s really pissed off about having to carry this huge flag down the damned street every other day. I wonder what the hell he’s doing.
  9. I’ll try to get a picture of him one of these mornings.
  10. Is it wrong that at the age of 36 I actually enjoy listening to Roger Whittaker?
  11. Does it mean I’m really starting to get old now?
  12. Does it make it worse that I’ve harbored a secret fandom for Roger Whittaker since I was 16?
  13. I’ve probably lost half my readership with that revelation.
  14. Funniest joke I’ve heard today: On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in a story about Rumsfeld testifying over the Iraqi prison scandal after Rumsfeld has finished bitching about digital cameras being everywhere in Iraq and causing part of the problem Jon turns to the camera and says “We have to find and destroy these Weapons of Mass Documentation!”
  15. held a Work Safe Classic Art PS contest that was not only funny, but very impressive. Not to mention Ashcroftian. The goal was to take a classic nude object of art and make it Safe For Work.
  16. I had something else I wanted to say, but I forgot what it was so I guess I’m done.

That was fun.

7 thoughts on “Some random thoughts I happened to be thinking.

  1. Hey, I like Roger Whittaker, and I’m only 19 now.

    So… No, no, no and no to 10-13.

  2. John Stewart is awesome.  The Daily Show is all the news that’s too true to print.

  3. If you’re searching for webhosts (I’m sure you’ll get a million of these), you might want to check out Lowest Hosting. I don’t think my site has been down once (to my knowledge), since I started it up 5 months ago been there.

    My bandwidth is 6 GB a month, and I use PHP and MySQL extensively, so this was a good fit for me.

    I got a hosting package with first year free domain registration, and it was about 80 dollars in total (with the one time setup fee of 20 bucks added to it).

    Now that I’m through with shameless plugging…

    So if you plan to win the lottery, can we plan to have some of the winnings?  Might as well be prepared with a plan and all.  Wouldn’t want you to have all that money and no plan to spend it or anything…twould be a shame, it would.

  4. Okay, ignore previous comment.  It does help to read previous entries first, I’ve learned.  6GB wouldn’t be enough for even your comments, I’ll bet.

  5. Heh, I appreciate the recommendation just the same Michelle. Who knows? Maybe someone else reading this is also looking for a host and will find your recommendation to be just what you need. grin

    Oh, and no need to worry about my ability to spend any winnings I get. I’ve had THAT planned out for years…

  6. 14 sounds like Rummy’s a fan of security through obscurity.  Think I’ve read something to that effect somewhere before…

    How can justice be served if people can see confessions being beaten out of suspects?  Give ‘em enough time and privacy, they’ll beat out confessions to every unsolved crime out of one person, then drag him out back and shoot him, thereby solving cases and saving taxpayer money on incarcerations.

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