Sneak peek at next version of Windows.

Windows Longhorn isn’t due for release until sometime in 2006 or 2007 at this point, hard to say seeing as they keep kicking the release date around, but there’s little doubt that it’ll be a major change in many ways. If you’d like a sneak peak at what it might look like then check out Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows: Windows Longhorn Build 4074 Gallery. These screenshots don’t have the new Aero interface active so some of the cool new 3D effects and such don’t show up, but the one spot on the net that hosted such pics has been yanked probably at Microsoft’s request. Still, it’s enough to pique one’s interest.

3 thoughts on “Sneak peek at next version of Windows.

  1. If you really are interested, you could go to Malaysia and purchase Longhorn from the pirate street vendors. I read this from a news report where microsoft was responding to this by telling consumers not to purchase them as they are still in deep development stage and that installing the pirated Longhorn may cause problems.

  2. It’s pretty, but what are the real improvements?  Is it more stable? More secure?  I love WinXP, but it does irritate me that I have to do all these little tweaks to make it secure, such as turning off Messenger, and getting rid of that bug reporter thing and so on.

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