Second funniest quote I’ve heard in awhile.

Is today National Funny Quote day or something?

This one comes from one of my favorite actresses, Kate Beckinsale, about a stunt she had to perform with Hugh Jackman in the recently released monster hunting action film Van Helsing. The stunt involves the two of them falling from a pretty good height with Jackman landing on his back and Beckinsale landing so that she is straddling Jackman’s face with her knees on either side of his head; a position I would be horrified to find myself in, to be sure. Anyway, Jackman is describing the stunt in this Sci Fi Wire blurb about the film and how well Beckinsale “nailed” the stunt in each of three takes. Beckinsale credits her work in the film Underworld for getting her ready for Van Helsing and then in regard to this particular stunt she had the following comment to add:

“Well, that’s the nice thing about English girls,” Beckinsale wryly added. “Someone asks for a crotch in the face, they get a crotch in the face.”


12 thoughts on “Second funniest quote I’ve heard in awhile.

  1. I can only guess what you were Googleing for to find it but thanks, Tish. I got a woodie looking at that site!

  2. I even found a famous painting in one crotch sample:

    American Walnut Burl

    The Scream / Edvard Munch

  3. It might be more visible in this pic.

    (A post editing option sure would be useful for people like me.)

  4. THANK GOD I wonte be seeing any of you all in hell! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL
    I smiling not because in believe in somthing you dont. I am smiling because I KNOW somthing you refuse to aknowledge. !!!!

  5. If “Tonia” is representative of the average literacy of people in heaven then give me hell any day of the week, please.

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