Rassa sassafrassa friggin’ sassafrassa stupid rassafrassassass!

Yeah, templating in WordPress is definitely much more of a pain in the ass.

Probably doesn’t help that I’m using 1.2RC-1 and the documentation on how to use options on the tags and what the defaults are is woefully incomplete. I’m beginning to wonder if I could just twist the default template’s CSS enough to make it look kinda like it did before without having to hack the HTML at all. Probably not. Grrrr….

8 thoughts on “Rassa sassafrassa friggin’ sassafrassa stupid rassafrassassass!

  1. *gets the holy water and wonders if she should annoint the blogs now* Umm….*holds out a cross at Les* It works for vampires I wonder if it works for new holy-ish lunatics?

  2. I know the feeling, Les. I just spent the past two days trying to get my EE templates up to par with my MT templates.

    I got that done, but some code is off, some plugins are missing and the entries weren’t importing fully. I am giving up for a week and will try again later.


  3. Really? I found the exact opposite. I was able to get my wordpress test site looking nearly the same as my MT powered one. http://dasme.org/wp/ is the test site.

    Took a little bit of trial and error, but seemed to be like second nature. I do develop web applications in PHP for a living though, so that might explain the shallow learning curve on my end

    If you need a hand feel free to give me a hollar, i’d be more then happy to help you out.

  4. Oh once I find the proper tag parameters I’ll probably find it less of a hassle, but my PHP experience is very limited. I keep meaning to sit down and teach myself the language and I have a couple of books on my wish list related to it and mySQL I keep meaning to buy, but I haven’t done that yet.

  5. I’m still evaluating packages, but WordPress seems to me to have more momentum behind it right now. I’ve been using my mother’s blog as a test bed because the template is relatively simple and she has the smallest amount of data to import. I’ve already recreated her site once in ExpressionEngine and came away impressed. Now I’m seeing what I can do in WordPress.

    My mom has said she thinks WP would be easier for her to make use of than EE so if I can get my head wrapped around WP and don’t find too many problems with it than I may end up using that for the blogs outside of SEB. If WP is too much of a hassle or too limited compared to EE then I’ll probably use EE. I’m still undecided on what to use for Stupid Evil Bastard. I was originally thinking it’d go to Drupal, but if I don’t use EE for the other sites then I might use that for SEB. Basically, I’m kicking the tires on a bunch of different packages and seeing which I like best.

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