Pranksters swap school announcements with porn video.

Chamblee High School students down in Georgia got a little sex education thrown in with their morning announcements recently when pranksters managed to swap out the normal video for a porn tape.

Yahoo! News – Porn Switched With School’s Announcement

“Our children in our news class do a tape each morning of the Chamblee morning news, and they bring it to the media center, and our media center specialist puts it into the machine,” said assistant principal Becky Chambers.

Before the program is broadcast, the media specialist leaves the media center and goes to the main office, to turn on an audio feed to two or three places in the high school that do not have closed-circuit televisions, Chambers said.

“In the seconds that it took her to walk out of her office and head up the hall, some student—we don’t know who—took the tape out of the machine and inserted a very inappropriate tape,” Chambers said.

“A couple of the classrooms—fortunately not all of them had it on—got a very inappropriate feed for a matter of some seconds before a teacher could fly up here and alert us and we could fly back down the hall and pull the tape out,” she said.

One parent who complained characterized the tape as hard-core pornography, but Chambers said she didn’t view the tape and couldn’t confirm its contents. Administrators were watching security camera tapes to try to determine who made the switch.

Sounds like they’re getting another lesson in the concept of plausible deniability as well. I love how they repeatedly use the phrase “very inappropriate” to describe the content. That’s kinda like saying that the Iraqi abuse victims experienced “major discomfort” at the hands of their captors.

Hey, if nothing else I bet the kids will be paying a little closer attention to the morning announcements for the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Pranksters swap school announcements with porn video.

  1. When my wife was at college, one Sunday morning the school football postgame tv show got preempted by a porno.

  2. Hi i am actually on the news crew and saw the planing by some of the seniors, I just didnt notice it. This was definately the best year, look for next years prank, Hopefully it will top this on

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