Potential SEB song.

Awhile back I asked folks to see what they could come up with in the way of lyrics for a possible official Stupid Evil Bastard song that we might use as part of a flash animation featuring Eric’s singing embryos concept. A few folks expressed an interest, but we only got one actual submission from one of our favorite regulars, Brock, and that was something he had whipped up off top of his head without putting too much work into it. Just the same, it was an impressive bit of writing and I wanted to share it at the time. Brock asked that we hold off until he had more time to work on it.

Well, quite a bit of time has passed and the idea seems to have petered out (not entirely unexpected) and I came across Brock’s original submission while cleaning up my email and I was again struck by how good it was. Too good not to share with folks who visit the site. So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not perfect and I don’t know if we’ll ever come up with music to match it, but I think it does an entertaining job of relating at least one aspect of SEB in lyrical form. Hopefully Brock won’t be too annoyed with me for sharing this, but I had to.

The Gleebles:

We are happy and we know it clap our hands

Though our lifetimes rarely show it clap our hands

We are bound by our obsessions and we make no base concessions

Clap our hands while giving praises to da Man

Embry Onik:

All the little Gleebles make shouts up to the sky

and pretend that they are happy while their lives pass blithely by

and I was born to prod them to think about their gods when

nothing I see proves his eternal plan

Why I can even fathom that life had no divine hand

It all could be the result of random chance

But all they want is reason minus logic, it’s the season

to credit goodness to a rule giving firebrand

Have you ever tried to argue, with a mob of impassioned sheep

These Gleebles take the last of my good graces

They leave me to think it’s hopeless that man can create closeness

with others unless they are all redeemed

The Gleebles:

We have nothing but love for you, and that’s the truth

Although you make us want to bow our heads and cry

Still life is what He made it, and you are one more reason

Why its best to shape a mind while it’s in its youth

Our Decalogues and tributes serve as stern mementos

Of the reason why we even live at all

We have a choice to lead you and so we will retrieve you

And make you gleefully aware of how life should go

Embry Onik:

What of others beliefs then? Are they nothing but false leads then?

Is their nothing but the way you see it planned?

If I am free to ponder, but don’t believe in yonder

Can here replace the place for which you yen?

Enough of your surrender to a god that demands respect

If he’d provided any answers I might pause

He gives us rules and breaks them, while we should undertake them

And try to make rhyme and reason of his neglect

The Gleebles:

We’re happy and we know it clap our hands

Though ours actions seldom show it clap our hands

We will have you for a member and you should well remember

Clap our hands while giving cause for our demands

You’re a Stupid Evil Bastard who makes thinking too hard

We’ll tear down your replies and make you weak

If you have more to say, the forums the place for word play

We’ve said all that we should need to in this regard

5 thoughts on “Potential SEB song.

  1. It would be hard to choose one of them.

    A suggestion
    You’re a Stupid Evil Bastard who makes thinking too hard

    makes us think too hard

    OK, I give up. What is a gleeble? Is there such a thing as a Gleeble Club?

  2. Thanks Les, for appreciating my efforts. I like some parts of what I wrote but it really does need a lot of work in general. It just doesn’t flow.

    Still, now I know better than to send you something I’ve not finished. *grin*

    I’ve been busier lately than I thought I would be, but I want to keep working on getting something to you worth using. I think we could make a really cool flash animation.

    And Vern, Gleebles are a name I came up with to try to demonstrate a type of mentality that professes to be joyful (oh, they’ve got joy joy joy joy down in their hearts) but comes off most often as uptight, angry and overly depressing. They’re jubilant but bullish concerning their beliefs. They profess love and often demonstrate bitter hatred. They are often short or ugly and even sometimes, both. They are almost always politicians, captains of industry, NRA or RNC members. They sometimes become president of the United States.

    There are far too many Gleeble clubs, making listing them here difficult.

  3. Good lord! That’s fantastic! I little work on the flow here and there and I say it’s a winner.

  4. When I get done with finals week, I’ll try to sit down and come up with something.  It won’t be of the intellectual quality of Brock’s composition, though.  That’s some pretty good stuff.

    I just “Weird Al” stuff up, but it’s harder to do on demand.  Most of the stuff just pops in, like this morning when J-Lo’s “Love don’t cost a thing” is going through my head, turning into “My love’s high maintenance”.

  5. Thanks Brandi and Ragman for the compliments.

    Now I’m really motivated to work on it. It’s gonna FLOW like “Woman’s Monthly” or I’m worthless.

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