Playing around with Jabber clients.

I’ve been experimenting with Jabber clients because I apparently am a glutton for punishment and I’ve been through three or four now and I can’t decide which I prefer. I currently have neosmt installed and it seems nice enough, but I’ve also tried TipicIM, GAIM, Psi, and MirandaIM and I’m not sure which one is the one I should be using. I’ve been using Trillian as a multi-platform client for the longest time, but they seem to be concentrating on their paid version for the most part lately and I don’t rely on IM enough to justify spending money on a client yet.

So anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else out there that reads SEB is using Jabber on Windows and, if so, which client you think is the best of the bunch?

7 thoughts on “Playing around with Jabber clients.

  1. Oi, I am in the same boat, and tried most of them you listed, eventually settled on the Exodus client, I think its at v 0.9.1 or something.

    I would say give that one a whirl, to me it has the smoothest interface, and overall it seems to be the most “together” of the bunch, but neosmt is pretty ill, and Psi and Miranda IM are decent…

    Anyways Jabber = Rocks.

  2. I use Trillian, but must admit I don’t use it enough to pay for it.  I don’t need all the extra bells and whistles.  I would like to find something simple, that will always connect me to everyone.

  3. I use the pro version of trillian. I hesitated about buying it, but have to say that it is well worth it. The jabber client plug-in is solid and works very well.

    If you can’t bring yourself to shell out some skrilla for Trillian, than Exodus is probably the best free jabber client out there.

  4. I use Trillian Pro or Miranda IM, depending on whether I’m at home or university (Trillian is bizarrely blocked here). Exodus is good too though.

  5. You know, when I first read that comment, I could have sworn we were talking about the Bible again …

  6. Psi. I’m a standards compliant kind of guy and Psi sticks to the JEPS and standards. I like it because of the cross-platform usability (menus, look and feel is the same all across the board - linux, mac, windoze). But if I were to go for a “all the bells and whistles and don’t-really-needs-but-are-cool-to-haves” and Windoze only client, I’d definitely go with Exodus. I have before.

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