Not a bad start.

I’m going to regret staying up this late come the morning, but I got SEB off to a running start under EE and I’m quite pleased. Still some templates to be worked on such as the Category archives and the RSS feeds, but I should be able to get a lot of this done very soon. Hey, at least all of you folks who always complained about my not having a properly working Preview for comments have nothing to complain about anymore. Plus the ability to be notified when new comments arrive is back, though I’m going to want to modify that template a little as well. And the template has made the transition over to EE pretty much intact and with a few new goodies to boot.

I’m just getting my hands dirty with EE so once I really get a chance to dig in we’ll see what kind of damage we can do. Until then, mind your head and try not to track dust all over the place.

14 thoughts on “Not a bad start.

  1. Yep, you found a genuine bug. Seems to be a side effect of how EE sanitizes HTML. Brock had closed a bold tag immediately on the end of a URL. When EE turned the URL into a link (which it’ll do autmatically) and converting the HTML tag into a pMCode tag it was taking the tag as part of the URL and not turning off boldface as a result. Hence, the rest of the page turned blue.

    Couple of minor edits and it’s back to normal. I’ll submit a bug report to the pMachine folks.

  2. Just out of curiosity, why is an apostrophe being turned into a question mark? Or for that matter why are question marks showing up in other places they don‘t belong?

    Same thread, check out my post on 5/16 at 6:54PM.

    It might be my fault again. I was just lookin‘. I swear I didn’t touch anything!!

  3. Yours bounced, Muse. I’ll activate your account for you. Looks like your email address isn’t routing properly as I’m getting an “unrouteable mail domain” error on any email sent to you.  I tried leaving you a comment on your blog about a possible way to do weekly archives under EE, but your comment script appear to be broken as well. Try taking a look at the display=“day” and limit=“7” options for a way to do a weekly archive.

    Brock, I think that may have been a result of cutting and pasting from another site. I can fix those as I come across them. No biggie.

  4. Yeah, but I didn’t cut and paste anything except for what I placed in quote blocks, and I glued those down real good. I don’t even know how to use scissors and glue on here, anyway, so I may have glued the wrong pieces together. Also, those question marks weren’t there till yesterday. Should I get my scissors and try to cut them out?

    This script stuff must be more complicated than it looks.

  5. What you mean I got to have scissors for EE?  You know they don’t let me have sharp things here!!!

  6. On my browser Brock’s question marks aren’t displayed in place of apostrophes – there’s just a space.  I remember seeing that smart characters displayed properly in the MT posts (an anomaly in my experience, which is why I noticed).  EE may not have recognized them when you imported the data.

    Odd, though that I don’t see the question marks – this is the first time I’ve seen smart characters turn into spaces!

  7. That’s ok OB, I’m gonna cut the spaces out with scissors and skooch the sides together, then I’m gonna help Momma’s Corner cut her mistakes out too. Apparently the only sharp thing there is her wit.

    All this complaining about how hard it is to import price tags and kill bugs and convert things is really too funny. I just get out the scissors or insecticide or glue. I’ll show you my website but you’ll have to come over here, because it’s taped to my monitor screen. If anybody knows how to help me increase comments, that would be appreciated.

  8. You’re not seeing the question marks cause I went in and copied the entry out and back in again so it would reconvert them. Didn’t realize it just made them into spaces. I’ll take another crack at it.

  9. Brock, man, you’re friggin’ hilarious!

    Les, you’re an inspiration… you’ve got me thinking it’s high time I tear into my blog, redesign it to be more friendly to all browsers, and start being more diligent about making entries.

  10. I hate to say it, but you’re easily inspired then OB. grin I’m a HTML/CSS hack at best and I don’t even bother running my code through the validators as I’m sure they’d time out before they got done listing off all the bad code I put out. I put in enough effort that it looks kinda the same in the latest versions of the two major browsers (IE and Mozilla) and beyond that you’re on your own. I got me some video games to play ya know.

    Though it would be nice to view your site in Mozilla without having to guess what it says. grin

  11. Yes, I am easily inspired! wink

    I’m pretty much a hack myself, and the amount of design talent I possess would be lost on the POINT of a pin, never mind the head.  For the purposes of cross-compatibility, however, that’s probably a GOOD thing!  The simpler it is, the more likely it is to be viewable by everyone… and that’s pretty important, I’d say!  tongue rolleye

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