Momma’s Corner is now running on ExpressionEngine.

That took less effort than I thought it would. In a few hours I’ve managed to convert Momma’s Corner over to ExpressionEngine complete with every entry she’s written. I’ve even got the templates working in a similar fashion as MovableType in terms of having comments and trackbacks on the permalink page. Technically Jenkins Online has also made the transition, but I didn’t convert and templates in that process so it’s not a huge accomplishment. You can look at, though, to see how templates normally behave versus how I set Momma’s Corner up.

If you’re a regular visitor to Momma’s Corner you can now register a user account which will be good for all of the blogs I’ll be running under EE. The main advantage is that you won’t have to fill in the standard form when submitting comments. Feel free to check things out and poke around and see how things fit together. Oh, and be sure to leave Momma some nice comments on her new home.

6 thoughts on “Momma’s Corner is now running on ExpressionEngine.

  1. Hey Les,

    I went to register and didn’t see any captcha (word you enter while registering). You should check if you have the right PHP modules set up.

  2. Looks pretty good to me - like the smileys - guess I’m easily amused. ;o)

  3. Have you gotten it installed under multiple subdomains yet? (I haven’t figured that one out…and I am either lazy or stupid…can’t find an equivalent “new since your last visit” link in the support forums. Probably because there isn’t one.)

    Learning Curves Are Fun!!!!

    (spoken to stave off another round of grumbly cursing. My cats are looking shocked already.)

  4. Indeed I have. In fact, Momma’s Corner is is a subdomain. The base install for EE is under my Jenkins Online domain and JO is currently being rendered with it using a default template. Momma’s Corner is the subdomain

    All that’s needed is to put a copy of the index.php and path.php in the subdomain. Then edit the path.php to fill in a few blanks. Then when you make templates for the subdomain be sure you change all references to “weblog” or “weblog1” in the files to whatever template group and weblog name you gave the subdomain. In Momma’s case both were “momma.” Oh, and don’t forget to edit the weblog’s preferences as you’ll need to change the weblog URL to the subdomain as well. Don’t know why you can’t just do that at the time of creation.

    That’s it. Drop me an email if it’s not clear and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

  5. Small update: As of now I have Jenkins Online, MI Blogs, and Momma’s Corner all migrated to ExpressionEngine.

    I’ve started on Cindyisms only to realize that my template for my sister’s site is complete crap and I should really re-do it. She’s offline for a few days, though, so I may just move it to a default template to get it started. I still need to move Anne’s Id & Ego over and that’s another site I’ve been meaning to redesign for a long time now, but I may just adapt the current templates for the time being.

    That would leave SEB. I still haven’t been able to settle on whether to go with Drupal or EE for it and I’m a little worried about running two different dynamic systems on my hosting account. There’s certainly plenty of good reasons for me to move it to EE as it has a lot of what I wanted in MovableType. No threaded comments, but it does have built-in comment subscriptions so you guys can subscribe to a thread and be notified whenever someone else responds to it. It doesn’t let you subscribe without commenting yet, but that’s a feature request that I can hope is in the works.

    My only other concern with SEB is the sheer size of the database for it. When I was testing EE I had some trouble importing SEB, there were a few errors and times got shifted. Part of that was a bug in the MT3.0D export code which I’ve fixed, but I know that my blog’s tables probably have at least one minor error in them. If something goes wrong I’d lose all the work I’ve done on the other blogs. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll install EE on my Linux sandbox and play around with importing SEB a few times to see what happens.

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