Momma’s celebrating her Blogiversary!

Seems like it was just the other day that I talked my mother into starting her own blog, but now Momma’s Corner is one year and a day old! Not bad for someone who thinks she doesn’t have much to say.

5 thoughts on “Momma’s celebrating her Blogiversary!

  1. It took very little convincing because I used to post on Les’ Place, a bulletin board, some 20 years ago and love every hour of it.  When the Evil One approached me with the blog idea the “ham” in me just pop up and started to cook my brain!  I’m retired now and this keeps me off the streets( though at my age it wouldn’t do much good to be out there)!

  2. Better that your mom blogs than mine, hee hee.

    (Just kiddin’ mom and yes I know what a fool I make of myself in front of all these nice people. Read the title of the blog - How innocent could anyone be who comes here anyway? Most of them cause me to be an embarrassment to you!… Yes, I know I need to call more, but give me a break! You should blog too! Then, I wouldn’t have to wonder how you’re doing.)

    Anyway, happy anniversary Momma, and I wish you many more productive and uppity years in the blogosphere and in life in general.

  3. When the Evil One approached me with the blog idea […]
    Momma, I keep having this vision of you screaming, “Get thee behind me!!!”

    After all, what are blogs but work for idle hands?

  4. At this “Les’ Place” did you guys happen to say “kiss my grits” a lot? Because I’m still trying to figure out who gets the blame for that stinker of a phrase.

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