Microsoft pushes release of SP2 to third quarter.

Hope you weren’t counting on Microsoft releasing Windows XP Service Pack 2 on time as word has it they’ve confirmed it’ll be delayed until the third quarter according to the CRN folks.

Company executives have promised repeatedly that Windows XP SP2 would be available during the first half of 2004. The service pack moved into beta testing late last year, and the first release candidate was made available in mid-March.

On April 20, Microsoft security executives said the second-release candidate would be released in mid-May and Microsoft was still targeting to ship during the first half of 2004.

The Microsoft spokesman acknowledged that the timing for the second release candidate may also be changed but would not comment on the reason for the delays. However some solution providers fear that Microsoft pushed back the release date because of significant security problems still remaining in the service pack.

One solution provider, who requested anonymity, said Microsoft bumped into some security issues that it couldn’t resolve before June. “They found some bugs.”

Well, duh. Even after they release it they’re going to find some bugs. This is Windows we’re talking about here. Still, one would hope that if it was anything particularly significant that MS would delay the release long enough to patch the new issues. Normally service packs are just previously released and tested fixes rolled up into one big patch, but this one is adding and changing quite a bit of Windows in addition to collecting fixes so it’s not surprising that they’re introducing new bugs in the process.

Found via Leo Laporte’s blog.

P.S. Leo’s back on TechTV by the way.

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