Jackass imitator killed over wedgie prank.

The herd has been thinned out a bit more down in Roanoke, Va. as a drunken prank ends in a fatal stabbing.

Seems 35 year old Jonathan Freel was hanging out with friends at a local sports bar where they were giving each other some pretty nasty wedgies in the same manner as they’d seen on the show Jackass. Apparently Freel made the mistake of giving a wedgie to a friend of a guy named Michael Keith Williams who didn’t take it too well. Williams declared he’d never let anyone disrespect him in such a manner and Freel said he’d do whatever he wanted to Williams. A big argument breaks out and the bar staff break it up and ask the men to leave. Out in the parking lot the tempers flare again and Williams throws a bottle near Freel who gets really pissed off and chases him across the street where the two men appeared to witnesses to be boxing, but it turns out that Williams had a knife and managed to pretty much eviscerate Freel despite the man being much bigger and heavier. Now Williams is on trial for Freel’s death and his lawyers are trying to claim self-defense. All of this over a wedgie that Williams himself wasn’t the recipient of.

So remember kids: Drinking and wedgies can be dangerous! Always have a designated wedgie person on hand who remains sober enough to know when he’s taking a stupid prank too damned far.

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  1. The sad thing is not that we still behave like primates, but that we come up with the silliest reasons to do so.  Testosterone run amok …

  2. Just so you know….the guy plead self defense in the case and today a jury found him Guilty of First degree murder and sentenced him to 20 years in jail without parole

  3. Just a Quick note:

    Personal Underwear Distress (PUD) is no laughing matter.

    This terrible problem exists in a plethora of variations these days. I see many examples of PUDs on the street each day. These run the gammut from hip-hop too-tall underware (it just seems like they would either buy shorter boxers or taller pants), to the ever popular camel-toe. What possesses these people to pull their PUDs in public, I can only surmise.

    Your example above points out why the author of the Dennis Hopper Book of Bar Etiquette took the time to try and discourage this type of behaviour. As I recall the rule is that when you are at the bar it is o.k. to pull your own PUD, but not that of your neighbor.

    I hope this helps clear up, just why things got so out of hand in Virginia.

  4. Funny thing is this was my brother that was killed. After looking at this website I realized this is just the kind of website my brother probably would have gone to and made jokes about other people on too. Can’t you all show some respect to my family? You think we are happy that events like this actually occur. It is like living a bad nightmare..

  5. While I can sympathize with your loss, that doesn’t change the facts that it happened and it happened for some pretty stupid reasons. If nothing else, your brother stands as a lesson for others on how imitating the show Jackass can get you killed.

    If pointing out that this whole situation was stupid and could’ve been prevented had your brother not felt the need to try and prove what a tough guy he was is being disrespectful to your family then I am guilty as charged and I make no apologies for that. If your brother is any example of the level of thinking and respect your family gives to others then I don’t know that I have a lot of reason to respect your family.

  6. You make the assumption that just because my brother did something stupid that my family is not worthy of your respect? I know in your world that bad kids only come from bad families. Guess what, that is not always true. I have one piece of advice for you, if you have kids do not say “my kid will never do that”, because it will usually come true. My parents raised three kids, two of us are sucessful with families, and we will never know for sure what would have become of the third if he lived longer. You should not be so quick to judge people and make assumptions. I make no assumptions about Mr. Williams and his family. I actually feel worse for his family than mine. They have to live with the fact that he murdered someone, my family at least only has to learn to get over the loss of my brother.

  7. You make the assumption that just because my brother did something stupid that my family is not worthy of your respect?

    Not what I said at all, but you appear to share your brother’s idea that respect is something you should be given freely rather than something you should earn from others and I don’t work that way. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but my respect is reserved until I see good reason to give it.

    I know in your world that bad kids only come from bad families. Guess what, that is not always true.

    And how do you know this is how I feel? Your hypocrisy is showing here. First you chide me for making assumptions, which I didn’t, and then you make an assumption that is incorrect. Try not to commit the sins you accuse others of, eh?

    I have one piece of advice for you, if you have kids do not say “my kid will never do that

  8. Let me set the record straight for Kristen and les… I was one of Mike Williams best friends and I know exactly what happened that night and I also was in court for the trial..
    Kristen one part of your plee for sympathy for your brother you left out that was so important was the fact that your brother had been kicked out of several bars even one the same night by the Salem police department for being absolutely drunkened and starting trouble. Is it so odd that your brother was a giant giant of a man. And was a proven bully to all that knew him…Mike was having a conversation with a friend at the bar and your brother approached him and didn’t give him a outlet wedgie but rather ripped the guys under wear off. .. literally tore them from his ass.. that’s the reason Mike commented to his friend in Wichita your brother overheard… don’t vet me wrong I sympathies with you loss but kn my eyes as well as the judge, your brother was at major fault…. if you remember, Mike was convicted of first degree murderer of your brother by a jury trial.that is something his lawyer should have never asked for kn this shiittty lil town of Roanoke where there are no common sense people when it comes to being on a jury.
    And for the record after the judge red the verdict from the jury, for the first tome in va

  9. First time in va history the judge reduced the 20yr sentence to eleven years because he knew that there was evidence of your brother being drunk and kicked out of a bar prior to this incident.
    Bottom line is Mike should not be sitting in jail right now be should be out on time served . Sorry for your loss though.. it should not have come to that.

  10. I know this is old… but know this. I know my brother could be a jerk when he drank. My family was not unfamiliar with his drinking problems. Imagine the shock when I searched the Internet to find out the status of the trial, and this is the type of articles it returned. I typed the message above coming from a place of hurt. My wounds had been opened with one google search. Say I was naive if you like, but this was 2004ish. The prosecution begged me to come sit in that trial. I refused. If Mr. Williams was to be convicted, it wasn’t going to be because I was blubbering in a corner. I was also not going to speak on my brother or family’s behalf because I KNEW what he could be like. So while my comments above may have been flooded with emotion, I have never claimed my brother was innocent in any way. All I know is my parents were and are heart broken at losing a son, I missed the brother that loved and protected me as a child…and the words I read stung as being cold to ME and my family that was still alive. But in the end, in this day of social media and our cyber world, I thank you all. I make sure I keep hurtful comments tucked away, even if they are “true” in my heart. I am watchful that people that have suffered loss are shown grace.
    As for Mr. Williams? I did all I could do for him by not coming to that trial. I told the prosecutors my brother had a past with alcohol and could be an ugly drunk. In the end it was judge and jury that decided. That was the best I could do…every time this topic comes up, I think of how grateful I am to have it come out like it did. It could have easily gone the other way, and I think having to cope with that conviction would have been worse.
    He is out of jail now. I trust he is off and enjoying life. I wish the man no ill.

  11. And it is maddenly clear how much this stung, because after all these years I returned to this site- found by that same Google search years ago. The recent events and people posting meme’s of that football player that hung himself that drew me back. Surprised it is still here, but a little glad. Reading this article is like Space Shuttle Challenger blowing up. I remember where I was and what I was doing that day. After I read this blog and comments, and many other articles that graphically described that night, I left the house to go to a friends house for dinner. The neighbors dog was running loose again and like an asshole, I stopped my car in the middle of the road, stalked up to their door, knocked on it. Said “your fucking dog is running lose again”, and turned and walked away. Not a proud moment looking back.
    But either way, maybe now after time has healed us all “some”, we can take away something positive from this all.

  12. Hello Kristen, yep, this entry is still here along with the nearly 8,000 other entries I’ve written over the years. As I said so many years ago, I am not unsympathetic to your loss. I was 36 when I wrote that entry. I’ll be turning 50 later this year. In the intervening years I’ve lost more than a few people who were close to me. I’ve watched both my dad and my father-in-law draw their last breaths. Loss is not unknown to me. In fact, something you probably didn’t know back at the time, but my best friend had been killed by a police officer acting recklessly the year before I wrote this entry.

    I’m glad to hear you have been able to move on from the aftermath of this event. It may not seem like it, but I was in no way celebrating your brother’s death. My point was, and still is, it was unnecessary and stupid and could have been avoided if all involved had worried less about being tough guys.

  13. I know. The shock of what I read that day was just more than I could take. It wasn’t just here, it was from a lot of places. This is the one place commenting is still on and I could articulate what I was trying to say all those years ago. Time heals wounds, age makes us wiser.

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