I’ve broken the 2,000 entry mark.

I didn’t realize it, but I broke the 2,000 entries mark on SEB today. Yay me!

5 thoughts on “I’ve broken the 2,000 entry mark.

  1. Congratulations! And an outstanding group of entries they are, too.

    To be fair , didn’t Eric do a little of the work? What’s he got, like 5 or 6 that he’s responsible for? Kidding aside – how does it break down?

  2. I’ve been wondering about Eric. Who is he and how did he become “Guest Bastard” anyway?

    PS. Yay you!

  3. Congratulations!

    (Voice over: Rev. Jesse Jackson)
    Let us all bow our heads and pray giving thanks to the Lord above who has provided Les with his MT skills and blessed us all with his kindness and understanding…(interruption by staff member)…eh, excuse me, I thought this was the Southern Entreprenuerial Baptists group. (whispering in background)  Stupid Evil What?!?  Y’all must be one of them radical republican groups. (exits left shaking fist searching for David)

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