It’s working! Bru ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s WORKING!


Uh… what I mean to say is: Stupid Evil Bastard is now running under ExpressionEngine.

There’s still quite a bit of work to do including more templates to add and some tweaking to be done, but it’s up and it’s running and you can start registering user accounts if you wish. The only real big benefit to doing so is that you won’t be presented with the full form to fill out every time you post a comment.  So bear with us as the dust settles down.

I’m archiving the, uh, archive pages and then removing them from the webserver so there won’t be any problems with folks commenting to pages that aren’t going to be seen by anyone any longer. I’m not sure if I’ll bother with trying to setup re-directs or not at this point. Google will eventually figure out where my new pages are, but it will break trackbacks for a lot of entires. Hmmm.

47 thoughts on “It’s working! Bru ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s WORKING!

  1. Cool – Logged in with account I made over at “Momma’s”.

    The smileys link is not working correctly tho. Just displayed this page in the little pop-up window.

    oops, preview didn’t appear to work either – had to hit back button

  2. OK, smileys should be working now (forgot to copy the template), but they’ll be changing once I edit the module to use the old smileys I was using previously.

    The preview template is definitely offline for the moment. I’m in the middle of working on it as I type. Should have it up soon.

  3. What the fuck? Obviously a default template I’ve forgotten to edit. OK, that’s a low priority at the moment. I’m concentrating on the templates for right now.

  4. Congrats!

    I have the feeling that I’m trying to put square pegs in round holes over on my site, and that if I just switch it over and give up gracefully (and tweak things while I’m there) I’ll be much much happier.


    How did the database import go?

  5. Once I updated to the latest build it went fantastic. Smooth as silk. There’s been an update to the MT Import script that allows you to define how it handles categories a little better. MT allows for multiple category assignments with the first one you picked being the “primary” category. EE’s old import script was treating everything beyond the first category on an entry as a subcategory of whatever the primary was. This meant a LOT of duplication of categories and a real mess to straighten out.

    The newest build has a refined import script that allows you to choose to create subcategories or just strip anything other than the primary category when importing from MT. That’s what I used and it works great. I might go through later and modify what categories some of my entries are in, but it was enough to get me started.

  6. Congrats Les! If you need help with .htaccess redirects, look no further. I set that up last night in a fit of boredom. How were your old archives set up? If they were like mine, all you would need to do is make a .htaccess MT template in your /archives folder. Here is what I used:

    RewriteEngine On

    <MTEntries sort_order="ascend" last_n="300000">
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}  ^/archives/<MTArchiveDate format="%Y/%m/%d">/<MTEntryTitle dirify="1">.php$
    RewriteRule .*<MTEntryTitle dirify="1"> [R=301,L]

    Also, be sure to close comments on your MT blogs, you don’t want a stray comment to overwrite your index.php file.

  7. You did what I think I need to do, make all permalinks go to the comments page. I don’t like that the index template page doesn’t have comments, yet it is the equivelant of the individual archive in MT.

  8. Yeah, I wanted to to work a little more like MT in that regard. Trackbacks point to the same page as well. It saves me from having to make a trackback template.

  9. No, that’s just what I get for allowing all HTML tags in comments instead of sticking with safe HTML. I have to check the pMcode for their equivalent to BBCodes so I can fix some earlier comment threads. You can try posting your comment again and it should be OK now.

    Oh, and the comment preview is working. It’s a very simple preview, but it’s working for the moment.

  10. Great minds think alike—I also went live with EE tonight.  Everything seems to be working pretty well except my skinning code.  No worries, I’m sure I can get it to work before the week is out.  Maybe. *grin*

    Anyway, mazeltov!

    Hey, did your RSS feed addy change?

  11. I don’t recall all that I wrote, Les. I know I asked that you make a post on your MT site notifying those who use RSS to read your site, to update their pages. I also showed off my comment code, which broke your site wink

  12. I’m pretty sure it has. Thanks for reminding me as I’ll need to update my little buttons on the left. I need to double check the templates yet. They’re broken, but I’ll have them fixed soon.

  13. Fortunately, I have a copy of it in email. BTW, how did you get EE to drop the .php from the URL? I’d like to do the same before people get too used to linking to the ugly version.

    P.S. The mod_rewrite template you provided works like a friggin’ charm! Yay Etan! Thanks for saving me a big headache trying to figure that shit out for myself.

  14. I’m an official member of the community!!! snake 😥

    Even though no one knows who the hell I am, because I never post. I’m still there though. Les… you are one of the most intellectually sound people I know (well… sort of know). You bring gret arguments (or rants, or whatever else it may be) in a very intelligible manner (especially compared to me). I guess I’m trying to say “great site” – so Great Site!!!

    I’ll be off, now that I’m making a nuisance of myself (and being a kiss-ass).

  15. Here is the how-to on renaming the index site file.

    Your RSS 1.0 feed is a bit odd, it renders your entire site in my newsreader. I can email you a copy of the template I used.

    I can also email you a copy of my RSS feed with comments, you need to use PHP includes to get that working currently.

  16. Yeah, I’m going have to take another look at those stupid templates. Send me your template for the 1.0 with comments. That could be handy.

    Oh, and I got the site to work without the .php extension after a little experimentation that I’m sure confused the hell out of everyone.

  17. I did a search and replace through the admin control panel.

    Find {path=“weblog/index”}
    Replace {comment_path=“weblog/comments”}

    Be careful and verify those are the right paths, of course. You also will have to search for {path=weblog/index} (without the quotes).

    I’ll send the 1.0 template.

  18. I am going to post the templates, actually, because my email is still busted.

    Here is the include file:

    Posted by {if url
    != ""}<a href="{url}">{/if}{name}{if url != ""}</a>{/if}  on {comment_date format='%l, %F %d, %Y %h:%i %A'}:<font size="-1">{comment}</font>


  19. Damnit. Stupid EE messing up my code. I’ll try to write up an email, if you can IM me on AIM (EtanKerner) that would be ideal.

  20. Well, I’m registered, now. Wait…does this make me an SEB groupie? gulp

  21. Something you have done has broken the activation link in the e-mail to activate my account.

    I get a 404 error. 🙁

  22. Ooops. Not to worry, I’ve activated you manually. Probably happened when I removed the .php from the URL. grin

  23. That’s what I figured.


    I got to say… This has to be the easiest CMS to work with when it comes to templates. I just converted all the default templates to my new look in about 5 hours total.

    One thing I did that you might want to do… I took all the “sections” in my sidebars and made them individual templates. I then used the {embed group/template} tag to embed them into the main templates. It made the individual templates alot easier to get set up. Just copy the “meat” of the template out of the old look (text inside the “blog” div and paste it into the same space in the new templates. I still have a little CSS work to do with some of them, but it was pretty easy over all.

    Love this CMS!

  24. The sidebar is already done using an include. I split that off back when I was still running under MT as it sped up page generation time. Though never as fast as SEB is now.

    Oh, and I tracked down a plugin that generates both my Recent Comments and Threads With New Comments sidebars all in one package.

  25. Here’s what I recommend instead of url_or_email_as_author:

    {if url != ""}{/if}{name}{if url != ""}{/if}

  26. Dave M., you’ll find the Recent Comments plugin I’m using at Psycho Daisy’s that Etan linked to. Good stuff there.

    ***Dave, yeah the speed difference is definitely noticable, eh?

  27. Gonna take some getting used to but it is faster.

    On a privacy note, the ‘Post Comments’ fields are retaining user information from whomever has posted to the article.

    I was about to post this as ‘Les’ but thought better of it.

    That BBCode plugin was definitely a nice feature to have. Keep up the great work and hopefully not too many headaches.

  28. Really? I’ll have to look into that. EE has a BBCode like system built in called pMcode. Not sure how extensive it is yet, but I’m trying to dig that info up. I’ll have a link to a help menu for it before too long.

  29. Les, is there anyway to get the userID’s back on the bottom of each article to see who is posting?  That was a nice feature.

    Doesn’t look like that comments field problem is on your end at all.  It appears to be a nifty little thing on my end.  Yeah, I got to use the word ‘nifty’.

  30. I find myself very excited for you and have no fucking clue what I’m excited about. I just know that I post a comment and it shows up. However many monkeys and however many years it took them to render my post is irrelevant.

  31. I’m planning on trying to replicate that if I can, deadscot. I think I can replicate it using the same plugin I used to do the recent comments sidebar. There’s still a lot I need to do before the site is 100%, but it’s going surprisingly fast.

  32. I have not said anything about the software you’re using because I don’t know anything about blogging software – I’ve used Blogger and that’s about it.  Besides it looked like you really have your hands full. But I’m wondering:

    I’m archiving the, uh, archive pages and then removing them from the webserver so there won’t be any problems with folks commenting to pages that aren’t going to be seen by anyone any longer.

    Does that mean we won’t see a text listing of all your old posts, like under “Religion” and “Don’t be that guy” and so on?  I have really enjoyed reading those, along with the comments people make.  And sometimes a person’s new comment to an old post made me aware of that post.  Plus a couple of my friends have started reading your site.

    Hope I just misunderstood what you meant by removing your old posts from the server because it is one of the very cool things about your very cool site.

    […just previewed… Hey!  The preview works now!]

  33. Not to worry, DOF, all my old entries can still be viewed. Let’s see if I can explain myself a little better…

    One of the big differences between ExpressionEngine and MovableType is in how they generate the webpages you see. MT is a static system in that it literally creates a file on the webserver for every page it shows whereas EE is a dynamic system in that it builds the page as it displays it depending on what it needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each system, but I won’t go into that right now.

    When I said I was archiving off my archives I meant that I was downloading all of the static pages that were created by MovableType. I then put a mod_rewrite instruction set into my old archives folder that will point anyone looking for one of my old entries to it’s new home under EE. All my old entries should still be in the database and available for viewing and anyone coming to them from either the old links out on Google or a new one from someone else’s blog will still end up on the proper page even though the files that used to exist no longer do. Make sense?

    BTW – For those so inclined, the RSS templates have been revisited and should be working properly now. It’s the simple templates that came with EE for the moment, but I hope to expand on them a bit once I nail down how to construct them properly. The following links should work for now:

    RSS 1.0
    RSS 2.0
    RSS Atom

  34. “… Make Sense? …”  Yep!  The pages will come into existence when they’re requested, like taking a walk on a holodeck.  The street isn’t there until you walk on it. (geeky grin)  Thanks.

  35. Les, Dumb question. It looks like people are posting images without linking to an external URL. What do they know that I don’t?

    The email notify is very helpfull—no longer have to mess around with a bunch of open windows.

    Will the [list][/list] tags eventually come back?

  36. Hmmm. The only person who didn’t link to their pic at some other server was Brock and that’s because he emailed it to me. Everyone else is using an external link.

    One thing I have noticed is that it looks like EE’s autolink feature (which will turn a URL in an entry into a link for you) also autolinks images as I don’t think maryh put her picture from the library into an img tag. I just confirmed that she didn’t and that’s something I hadn’t expected.

    As for the list codes; I’m currently looking into that. EE uses its own emulation of BBCode which is definitely more limited than what I was using under MT. Being written in PHP, which I have a far easier time understanding than Perl, I will probably attempt to modify the module to extend the functionality to match what I had in place previously. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

  37. Hey, cool! One thing – could you put redirects on your RSS feeds? I was subscribed to your old one and was wondering why it kept failing.

  38. I tried .htaccess redirects with my news feeds and found them not working. I ended up making an MT post so the feeds would notify the reader of the change and included RSS links in the final entry.

    Make sure to have a copy of your index file, in case MT overwrites it if you end up making a new entry.

  39. Hmmm. Bloglines definitely doesn’t seem to like the redirect so I just may go with your approach. I’ve turned off the generation of all the SEB templates under MT so overwriting my index file wouldn’t be a problem.

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