I want my MT-Blacklist back!

Man, I hope Jay is able to port MT-Blacklist over to MT3 before too much longer as the spammers are driving me nuts. The odd thing is they’re not even hitting SEB all that much as of late, but they’re pounding the hell out of Anne’s blog. Today alone I think I’ve deleted at least a dozen spam comments from her blog whereas I’ve deleted just one from SEB in the same time period. Because of a bug in how TypeKey works when your MT installation and your blog are on different domains or sub-domains I can’t set things so only TypeKey registered people can comment because it won’t reconize that you’ve signed in properly. They’re working hard on this bug and hope to have it resolved soon, though I’d still be reluctant to limit comments only to TypeKey accounts as it is. At least removing comment spam is a lot easier in this version of MT3. Still, I miss the sense of satisfaction that comes with adding a spammer to my blacklist and knowing that URL won’t be showing up in my comments again.

4 thoughts on “I want my MT-Blacklist back!

  1. Hi Les,

    I tried MT-Blacklist when it first came out and was not impressed with it in that it required me to manually blacklist spammers when they were caught. The method described in the page linked below is deviously sneaky and assures that the spammers get caught, but that the real users don’t. Beautiful.

    This is the way I do it. You must be running on Apache web servers or this won’t work. Read it here:


    It traps the spammers and automatically blacklists them using an .htaccess file trick. It works wonderfully well and should be absolutely compatible with MT 3.0. The only drawback is that you must remember to rename the two files when you upgrade your MT version.

    Oh yeah, you also have to edit your templates to point to the new names you’ve given your comment and trackback CGIs, but that’s a one-time deal.

    Good luck!

  2. I’ve solved the issue for the time being by changing the name of the comment script. I’d forgotten that I had removed the hard coding of the script name from all the templates when I upgraded to MT3 so a quick modification of the config file and a few moments spent rebuilding each of the blogs and we’re now using a new script name.

    Don’t know if I’ll bother with the automatic adding to my htaccess file. Don’t want that to get too large in the process, but at least this should slow them down a little.

  3. It’s comin’, Les.  Got a lot on my plate right now and it’s tough developing a plugin when the MT code base keeps changing every week.

  4. I know Jay and I understand. Hell, I appreciate the fact that you’re working on it at all. I just needed to vent a little yesterday is all.

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